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  1. Looks really good. No one plays a cop better than Bruce. Aside from Will, Mos Def is my favorite rapper/actor. He was very good in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  2. I agree with James that your classmates probably only looked at you to guage your reaction to the teacher. I think that teach's might have a screw loose.
  3. That's nice to hear. They're pretty good. I like their covers.
  4. I really got to give it up to Jamie Foxx he really almost came out of nowhere and dove right into dramatic acting and pulled out an Oscar. Jamie's been doing his thing for years: In Living Color, The Jamie Foxx show, and then movies such as Booty Call and others... I actually thought that Don Cheadle should have won that Oscar for his work on Hotel Rwanda though... Ray was great, but Hotel Rwanda seemed to be at an entirely different level. If there's anyone who hasn't seen it, check it out... you'll end up crying at some point. I just meant that he wasn't considered a "serious" actor. He was considered a comedic actor.
  5. I really got to give it up to Jamie Foxx he really almost came out of nowhere and dove right into dramatic acting and pulled out an Oscar.
  6. Chirs Parnell and Andy Samberg - Chronicles of Narnia Rap
  7. Steve should know by now that trades happen all the time. It's no reason to throw a tantrum and get suspended.
  8. My Japanese isn't the best so I couldn't follow everything. The text on the bottom right says Hollywood Star Will Smith. Will said "Hello. I'm Will Smith." The guy with the black hat asks Will how he's doing. Black hat says that Will's stomach is hard. The chef guy who was banging that stick on the bowl tells Will that he understands that Will wants him to stop banging. I've no idea what yorochikubi is.
  9. Spandau Ballet - True Bay City Rollers - Saturday Night
  10. Boston's lost 20. Yay for the Jazz who just pushed into first in the Northwest with their season sweep of Detroit.
  11. So like a pimp (I'm pimpin') I got a boat (to eat shrimp in) Nothing wrong with my leg just B-boy limpin'
  12. It seems like lilBowwow's definition of real is skewed into allowing himself into the catagory. I can't say that I've ever listened to Bow wow's songs, but I've listened to Will's and if Will isn't real then I don't know who is.
  13. I doubt Eminem is retiring. It just seems that a "greatest hits" is the thing to do. It's probably just a little thing to keep his name out there between albums.
  14. I like the one involving Jaleel White. It went along these lines: Jaleel's character and Will walk into the kitchen where Carlton is. Will: I remeber you being taller Carlton. Jaleel: Really? I don't.
  15. It was a great battle. Everyone's rhymes flowed well when I read it. It's a shame that anyone has to lose.
  16. Whew. When I saw fuqua was the last to post I thought I forgot we had a second verse to do :5-scared: Lol this is me at a party -> :ignored:
  17. Alright it's the semi-finals, fuq and ted stepped into the game They're the favorites,we're the underdog, but come end ya'll gonna start sayin our names They don't know it, but when they stepped in they stepped into range Got them under sight, our flow blasting a twelve guage 'Can't see you?' we're Hugh Downs and John Stossel we got 20/20 vision This ain't a rap battle it's done turned into a mission Two bogeys on our six and my flow's the amunition I'm sure that by the end we both gonna have you wishin' That you stayed home, stayed out, came down wit' the gout If this were a b-ball game GScott and I would handle the rout Fuq you cause us nothing but fried chicken You ain't Major Payne you're Colonel Sanders so keep fishin' Unlike Kanye you can't be a colege drop out - you couldn't pay tuition Ted shouldn't post his rhyme, but it's the process of tradition Ted, the ultimage master of basketball rap verses Gotta give him props, puts in basketball where there'd normally be curses Last time a taxi was called but we've got ya'll hearses They're ready and waiting, what you do will only make it worse is If you struggle, but Ted and Fuq just signed releases By the end of all this ya'll be resting in pieces You wanna know the 'G' in front of GScott? You'll get it and be like Doc Brown when he's sayin' "Great Scott!" I didn't mix my medication what I do is meditation GScott and I have got the handles on this sticky situation I see you like 'Rocko' Fuq, don't worry 'bout causin me dread I can see you're busy with a Hefer, Mr.BigHead I saved enough charm for the girl in my arms, why you red? Whoops, I didn't know that was your girl in my bed This is it the final lines before Ted's beginning Tonight Fuq and Ted'll have delusions of them winning How could the dynamic duo, veterans of the game sound so lame Fuq I'll keep it clean and fresh because I was Born to Reign
  18. Just to avoid confusion and people thinking scy is a cheater when scy voted for himself it wasn't for a decision in a battle just the "Who had the best verse from round 1".
  19. Who ever created post it notes must be quite a rich fellow When I was a kid they used to only come in yellow Now there's red, blue, purple, pink and orange Heres another line to rhyme, but nothing rhymes with orange They keep place in books, remind us to do things we'd forget Need something to help you remember post it notes are here, don't fret Easy to get easy to use just pull it off and stick it Don't worry I've never seen someone use them and come down with the rickets Next: pizza joints
  20. This ain't Short Circuit Jonny 5 is dead He brings a whole new meaning to the phrase chicken head He tried to come in here and blow the whistle before it's done Big Bird called a taxi and now he thinks that he's won The hell are you talking about with your "pimptastic Ford Taurus" You better swing back to Sesame street, don't forget your pink fadoras Like Horry fourth quarter I'm coming in the clutch Like Miller though he's older still pulls the trey up I'ma Hotshot I'm like Charlie Sheen Scotty's like a Transformer, More Than Meets the Eye, he's more than what he seems Scy you say you're class act, but for a fact I know you're not You'll end up having to vote for yourself cause no one else thinks that you're hot I hope you kept the taxi I hope you kept it by the door because I kicked the chair from under yous and now you're crawling on the floor Rapping's a man's game and these fishes have beached themselves on the shore Final seconds scy and J I'll be nice and let you live to see the score.
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