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    bigted reacted to Hero1 in Boom! Shake the Room Live in Blackpool   
    This is absolutely incredible. Will doesn't overplay Boom but gives one if the most sured performances of the track. He is completely in the pocket and the track sounds as good as it ever has. I'm in awe of his delivery if this. Enjoy!
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    bigted got a reaction from VIsqo in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    with a new single maybe there's now hope for a new album, FINALLY???!!!  i guess our 12 year wait has been well worth it!
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    bigted got a reaction from Ale in Jeff's answering Q's on Twitter right now   
    Jeff tweeted: "On a plane for a few hrs... anyone have any questions for me??? Like real questions...not like did it hurt when u got throw out the house "
    i asked "is there gonna be any mixtapes of unreleased JJFP songs in the near future?"
    jeff replied: " Not sure...I really need to dig that stuff up!"
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    bigted got a reaction from Abdul1997 in Happy Easter 2017 JJFP.com fam!   
    From me and my fam to my extended family, the JJFP family i would like to send all my love and peace for a happy easter 2017, one love!
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    bigted got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New music - caution in the wild   
    damn i'm one of the rare people in the world without a smartphone so i can't hear it yet, but the fact that will is releasing new music after saying how dissapointed we were in him last week is a miracle!
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    bigted got a reaction from Ale in Summertime 7 Mixtape   
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    bigted got a reaction from Shellshock in Boom! Shake The Room 95 (Rare)   
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    bigted got a reaction from scyhigh99 in Jazzy Jeff Talks new album with Will Smith   
    there's still a glimmer of hope after all for JJFP!
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    bigted got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New Album, World Tour and Bad Boys III in 2016   
    it's such a shame that will takes his hip hop career for granted, he doesn't realise how many people appreciate his career and want to see him keep going
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    bigted got a reaction from jazzypete in What Are You Listening To? XXII   
    Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror
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    bigted got a reaction from Abdul1997 in Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao fight May 2nd 2015!   
    Feb 20, 2015by Biz JonesNews1 Comment
    Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will put his title on the line this spring by taking on fellow veteran fighter Manny Pacquiao.
    According to reports, the mega bout will take place on May 2.
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    bigted got a reaction from Abdul1997 in What Are You Listening To? XXI   

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    bigted got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in Check Out A Song I Recorded W/ Nas Instrumental   
    Thanks to FUQ who sent me an acoustic mixer to mess around with, I was able to put together a solid recording, peep it out y'all, enjoy!


    getting situations analyzed
    through dimensions of my mind
    while i'm mentioned being kind
    lookin' for friendships is a design
    since we can't be alone in mankind
    all the images that you'll find
    as rain falls from the sky
    you might be wondering why
    i choose to be so dominant on the mic
    but that's 'cause the powerful thoughts bring more rhymes
    havin' more circuits than a wire
    so i ain't gonna retire
    since god's with me i won't have a day to expire
    movin' tall beyond a negative desire
    the choices you make will build your fire
    and y'all know i ain't built as a liar
    that'd be like a car running on flat tires
    my mind's strength is continual
    not to look critical
    while you sound hypocritical
    you'll be banned like that sterling dude
    since nonsense of bigotry is uncalled for
    we could put our differences to the side during the love and war
    the foundation is built tall
    true players are built to ball
    like magic & kareem abdul-jabar
    the championship vision
    from scottie pippen & michael jordan
    won't be broken
    since there ain't jokin'
    even though i'm a bad boy like will smith and martin lawrence
    i'm tired of all the stuntin'
    puttin' an end to the foolish discussions
    everything is everything like lauryn hill mentioned
    ready or not word to her, pras, and wyclef
    rockin' the spot on my lyrical quests
    rest in peace dj ezrock, "it takes two" through "joy and pain" to win
    you damn right this nj rebel is a hip hop purist
    doin' it for the love non stop is what i cherish
    i'll be the chief of the game like robert parish
    since my game is amazin' like the new york mets
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    bigted got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in JJFP NBA Fantasy 2013-14?   
    It's only about a week until the NBA season so are we gonna do a fantasy league again? I'll be down to do one if y'all are interested
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    bigted reacted to bigted in Any hip hop albums/artists people can recommend?   
    As far as commercial hip hop is concerned I check for mcs like Game, Wale, and B.O.B., Game dropped another hot mixtape called "Hoodmorning: Candy Caronas", I'm looking forward to the "R.E.D. Album":

    Like AJ I've been listening to a lot of '90s CDs lately like LL Cool J's "Mr. Smith", Tribe Called Quest's "Low End Theory", MC Hammer "Too Legit To Quit", KRS-ONE's "Return Of The Boom bap" and of course JJFP's "Code Red"

    Until recently I didn't know that my favorite mc besides FP and LL KRS-ONE put out a new album but he did which is called "Godsville" with Showbiz and I'm getting that in the mail soon from CDUniverse.com, I heard a lot of these tracks off of youtube and I'm really feeling "Improve Myself":


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    bigted got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in The 10 Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2010   
    Well nobody puts out classics anymore, there's some "good" albums out there but nothing groundbreaking these days, I actually look more for classics from previous years these days than the new albums....
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    bigted reacted to Jin in JayZ says "takeover" beat out "Ether"   
    Maybe in his dreams, but not in reality. Nas lyrically murdered Jay, who cares if Kanye's beat was better. In a diss track (not song), when 2 MC's compete...the lyrics, flow, delivery, etc. matter and in every aspect of this, takeover could not match ether. LOL @ Jay-Z still catching feelings nearly 10 years afterwards.
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