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  1. i don't feel how he only mentions his music when it's time to promote a film
  2. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/50-best-albums-of-2016-w451265
  3. I think this is perfect timing for him to do a song a la "Just The Two Of Us" where he thanks his pops for all the love and wisdom he learned from him over his life, it'd be a fitting song to get him back in the spotlight musically, he could just let his heart pour out the pen and let it just flow! I believe it'd be something that a lot of peeps would relate to, I know now a month later after my pops passed away myself I'd really gain even more respect to Will for doing something like that...This is the type of song I could picture him performing at next year's grammy award ceremony...
  4. i was browsing krs one's music page on youtube and i found an album i didn't recognise, found out it was released on feb. 16, 2016, well that was around the time where I wasn't really paying attention to new music with my mom breaking her leg a few weeks earlier so i guess that's how it slipped my mind, anyway here's a treat for us true hip hop heads:
  5. Will Smith Big Willie Style track 5 "Chasing Forever", now I could picture getting married to that song one day, I pray that day will come sooner rather than later
  6. It's now 19 years later so I bump up this post, would be nice to see more activity on this board again, I'm listening to the album today and reminiscing...well the album's now posted on youtube in whole so enjoy:
  7. Well as many of you here know 2016 has been a trying year for me and my family with my mom breaking her leg in January and then my father passing away a few weeks ago, listening to JJFP's "Code Red" album, especially the song "There's No Place Like Home" and Will's "Just The Two Of Us" from the "Big Willie Style" has really kept my spirits going and once again I send my condolences to Will for the loss of his pops "Will Smith Sr.", I pray he'll take the lessons learned and inspire us with more music soon, life is precious JJFP fam, let's cherish it, and pray for good times ahead , I'm continually counting my blessing Thanksgiving '16...
  8. well maybe there's hope for JJFP...also in r&b keith sweat, eddie levert, and r kelly released albums(r kelly's is a christmas album but still it counts) so it's a better year for music...
  9. Brandy Never Say Never album, classic 90s album to lift up my spirit, this kind of music gets me going through some dark moments i've been going through myself lately...
  10. where could you stream the album?? i tried youtube but i couldn't find it there
  11. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/a-look-at-q-tips-massive-vinyl-collection/
  12. with the recent passings of obviously my father and will smith's father and the shocking results of yesterday's election my heart is a lil' heavy right now reminiscing on the lost ones and praying for lost ones yesterday also marked 5 years since we lost one of the class acts of hip hop entertainment in heavy d, this song "a better land" rings deep in 2016 til eternity, may he and all our loved ones rest in eternal peace and god have mercy on us all:
  13. rest in peace will smith sr., "just the two of us" forever
  14. word, maybe tribe called quest should've left their legacy alone after phife's passing but there's so much crap music out there that this will automatically be one of the best albums of the year even if this turns out as their worst album, btw if they really wanted to make a statement they should've had will featured on here, in my opinion those like kendrick don't deserve in the same breath as these legends, no offence
  15. i appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers, well i have some sad news to say, my father passed away yesterday morning on november 1st at 12:30 AM EST, thanks for all the love JJFP fam as me and my fam are through "the rain" right now but it'll forever be "just the two of us", i'll hold on to all the memories and lessons i learned EDIT here's a poem i wrote called "love of life" in memory of these lessons i've learned as i reflect, rest in peace papa big ted sr.: as i take time out to grieve since the loss of papa is bittersweet i know that he's now guiding over me and the family like r kelly and kirk franklin mentioned the storm is over no longer do you have to suffer as i mentioned you were the ultimate fighter i'll always keep the memories and love in my heart it don't matter if i make a million dollars or have any hits on the charts the priceless feelings will always take charge your words of wisdom brought on a start like you mentioned we all have to believe in who we are don't be afraid to walk with your head up high you can win with god by your side the ultimate weapon is applying the mind words of wisdom continually shine when i'm lost i could ask you to drop me a line i feel the prescence of my best friend like public enemy mentioned love is "everything" the essence to combine through the end i'm ready to climb the mountains i pray one day to apply the same wisdom god willing to my own children even if i never have any i still plan to reach the next generation like you and james brown i ain't taking no mess you're now with prince be setting a drift on memory bliss like heavy d you're on a peaceful journey traveling along with 2pac, richard pryor, james brown, bernie mac, and phife dawg of tribe called quest plus all the loved ones like my grandparents and friends and countless others that've been passing i don't know all that holds in this life ahead but your memory will always keep me lifted like puff daddy mentioned to biggie in i'll be missing you as each day passes it brings us closer to when we all meet again one sweet day, word to mariah and boyz ii men only god knows if i'll make it to 100 i have big shoes to fill to make all the ground you did living to 82 but i know if i approach each day as thanksgiving i'll make it through may god forever wrap his arms around you
  16. ja rule sounds like big daddy kane compared to some rappers today levert "say you will"
  17. yeah no disrespect to dayne jordan, he's dope but rhymefest is an elite mc, "blue collar" is an underrated classic album that he did in 2005 and the work with kanye was stuff of legends
  18. Boyz II Men Feat. Charlie Wilson "More Than You'll Ever Know"(2011)
  19. http://allhiphop.com/2016/09/30/common-addresses-police-brutality-race-relations-politics-twitter-qa-tweets/
  20. I would like to send happy birthday wishes to one of my main inspirations in life big willie smith aka fresh prince, i know i've been mad that u haven't put out much music lately but there's still nobody out there today that's topping the timeless music that u and jazzy jeff have made over the years, thanks for the memories, many more great years ahead, and god bless!
  21. here's a treat to enjoy to reminisce over a timeless career of KG
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