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  1. NICE!! that guy bought code... Hes great
  2. My god.. I forgot Illmatic... sorry Nas
  3. Too hard.... these are the albums I listen all the time in this period Common - Be................... Will Smith - Willennium....... Wutang Clan - Enter the Wutang... LL Cool J - Mama said knock u out.... Erik B & Rakim - Paid in Full.... Tupac - Me against the world..... Jay-Z - Resonable doubt JJFP - Code Red LL Cool J - Mr Smith overhyped rapper #1 - The college dropout JJ - The magnificent
  4. I cant believe code red was jjfp's lowest selling album...I CANT BELIEVE
  5. Jamie Foxx - Love changes I love this track
  6. One week ago I saw Boyz n the hood with Cuba gooding Jr and Ice Cube.. I really liked that movie, I never had seen before, It's exellent.. In the end I was reading about the soundtrack of the movie and I found a track written and produced by jazzy jeff... does anyone know the title?
  7. Man buy the magnificent..It's a great album! All the beats are classics for me, and jazzy's scratches are always right and exact.. I love many songs on that album, For da love of da game, How I do, My people, Love savior, Rock with U, Shake it off.... Incradible stuff!! And Buy the soul mixtape..I used to underrataed it, but since I bought it I can say it's great!
  8. Italy - Australia.......... what a awful match!! Actually I'm not proud to be italian, cuz We haven't played a good match yet.. we sux
  9. thank u man!! ops Tomorrow will be time for Italy vs Austalia... Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ne-yo - In my own words I bought it yesterday and the only song I knew was So sick... damn, men this is album is dope! I don't know what u think about neyo, but I feel I've found my perfect album for the summer... when I listen to when you're mad I wanna fall in love again...I like it!! I don't knoe if I prefer it or Todd Smith..
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