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  1. Finally I got Graduation... I dont know it's so hard to get kanye's albums here in Italy... Graduation is ok, I like it and I'm happy it's selling so much and is beating 50...I'dont think it's kanye's best album but the production is exellent as usual for west..

    my favourite songs are STRONGER- I WONDER - CANT TELL ME NOTHIN ( only the beat, I dont like kanye's flow on this one) EVERYTHING I AM - HOMECOMIN...

    2 years ago I downloaded a track that I find called HOME.. and it was kanye's... well it's the same lyric of homecomin but the beat is different and I LOVED THAT BEAT... U can find on internet.. that song was great, I preferred that version, classic for me

  2. AHHH!!! I gotta work 2!! That sucks!! I'm the boss so i suppose i could change it. But with the home office looking at me under a microscope, it would be a real bad idea. I wish had more of a warning.

    It's great that he's doing a video...but where waz this idea 3 months ago?!?! On top of that, why "BNF2K7"?? It's the weakest track on the album. It's the only average song on the whole album.

    U are right Aj... I dont understand the reason to make a video 3 months after the album was released.. and video is for BNF2K7... I don't like that song, it's the only song that I skip everytime I listen to TROM..

  3. I really wish Jazzy did one real video 2 put out there. 2 the best of my knowelege, the video never aired in the US. Just one solid video and single accessable 2 the mainstream audience would have been nice in hopes of breaking ground in a bigger way. I think "For The Love of The Game" would have taken the album 2 the next level if it had a video.


  4. Will dont care about sales,

    But labels do.... anyway I don't think he will retire without a final album..he knows the rules of the game and I believe all theese rumors will improve the attention on Will's state into the game... and then he will drop a new album, probably his last one.

  5. Hard question... ok I like both sides of Will. I didn't know Will was a rapper, I knew him as an actor cuz I watched Fresh Prince of bel air everyday and it drove me crazy! I loved that guy and his style, for me he was amazing!! one day I in 1998 I saw the gettin jiggy video and I was surprised. I bought Big Willie style and it was love.. and then I bought all his albums as big will and as fresh prince ( he will be the fresh prince for ever ).. to be honest, I think will is more talented in acting, but What makes me very excited is a new album and not a new movie.. SO FRESH PRINCE FOR EVER

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