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  1. You' re right man :rock: :rock:
  2. Yo men! I can't wait for the new album.. but I hope that when it'll come out, the new label doesn't make the same mistake done with born to reign. I think it's better no track about will's films be in the album, or I hope it isn't the first single because people can think that the album is not hip hop. Fresh Prince is fully hip hop and he needs the right respect, so his new label must promote him for what he is, a rapper still in the game. I hope the first single is with jj.. it would be fantastic!! :rock:
  3. Yo, this song is cool. the first thing that I loved was the sample, than fp's flow and now I love the lyric..I fall in love..
  4. Just a friend is too hilarious.. And stand up make me laugh because of the face of luda.. his haircut is impossible to see without a laugh!!
  5. That sounds very cool! I'd like to see jazzy performin in a club.. it should be great!!
  6. I agree man! Will and Nas together could make a great song with a strong street vibe
  7. No.. It's impossible!! please don't confuse music with something else!! Will can't do it.. will & eminem... It' an horrible dream :eek4:
  8. no dubt..... FRESH PRINCE :rock: :rock: :rock:
  9. In my opinion da butta is very good. I never skip this track and I think that with songs like this, will 2k and so fresh, willennium becomes a classic hip hop album. Probably u don't like it, but willennium needs it to be compleate!!
  10. It's very hard to chose, but... :dunno: -I'm all that -Summertime -Trapped on dance floor
  11. Yo bws was my first love, gettin' jiggy drove me crazy and I liked it's all good and chasing forever above all others songs.. But Willennium is true hip hop, I think it's the only album we can compare with code red!! I think it's perfect with tracks like will 2k, so fresh, pump me up, potnas, the rain, i'm comin', uhhh...Damn!! It's terrific!!
  12. Freakin' it is a good song. People don't like it but I don't care. It's not fully hip hop, but the liryc is great and the video has a retro style that I love. I don't know if releasing it as second single of willennium was right ( I would have preferred so fresh..) but I like this track :rock:
  13. Yeah!! One of the best track of bws. What drives me crazy of this track are the beats.. GREAT!!!
  14. Man u are right!! I wanna rock is better, I feel this track is perfect! but pump me up is good too! It's the kind of song that gives continuity to what jjfp do!! :biggrin:
  15. :rock: Yo men, these are probably two of the best jjfp's songs.. I loved first pump me up because I bought Willennium and only three mouths ago I got code red, but I had to say I wanna rock is great!! probably I prefer... I don't know!! What d'you think? which is the best? :confused:
  16. mmm.. let's see... FOR DA LOVE OF DA GAME ( I hope in a rmx in new will's album) SHAKE IT OFF DA INTRO MY PEOPLE ( I love this song) This is one of the best hip hop album of last period, in my opinion is at same level of the black album :afro:
  17. Chasin' forever is its best love song, but ring my bell and can't wait to be with u are too great!!!! :rock:
  18. My first job was the carwasher. I have worked there for 7 years, since I was 13. This job was very important for me because my family is simple, is made up of five people so I had to work to help my parents. When I finished the school, I joined the Italian Air Force and now I'm a Warrent-Officer, and I'm very happy to see my mum and my father very proud of me. I'm only 22 now and I hope I'll become an Officer one day :peace:
  19. yes, I'm totally wit you devilsjim!! So fresh should have been the second single of willennim. in my opinion this track gives us a classic vision of will as rapper, it's one of the willennium's best song and shows that will is still involved in the game
  20. I became a will's fan when fpobl started in Italy. but I didn't know he was a rapper. A day, I saw on mtv Gettin' jiggy wit it video... and it was love at first sight!! I bought BWS and I listen to it thousands times!! that kind of music made me feel good, helped me in bad times! With willennium I understood what the real hip hop was, and I became a real fan!! jazzy jeff and fresh prince forever
  21. I think that Born to reign is much better than BWS. In my opinion columbia "killed" this album with the lack of promotion. The first single was bsc and it was a great mistake because the album was painted as mib2 album, not hip hop. But B2R is good!! this was my "plan" for B2R.. BSC-- 2 moths before the album came out How da beat goes-- the first single Block party-- In my opinion this track is perfect during sept october Act like u know-- third and last single ...double platinum.. I'm sure
  22. I like how da beat goes and block party. Act like you konw is very cool and I think the song born to reign could have been a masterpiece.. :cussing:
  23. :afro: I think code red is one of the best hip hop album of all times!! It's very hard to choose a fav track but... 1- I'm lookin' for the one...simply perfect!! 2- I wanna rock.. too creative, fantastic scratches and good will's flow 3- Scream.. This song grows in my mind, it's a classic party song
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