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  1. Find a picture of Will and Jeff acting together on FPOBA.
  2. I am very glad Will doesn't curse in his rhymes. In the track, I'm Coming, Will says: An angel, my grandma, told me before she died Smart folks don't need to put no cursing in they rhymes I think what he is saying is that he was raised to not curse very much. But in movies, he can't really control what the script says. Will occasionally drops some curses in his rhymes, but rarely. That is what makes Will so great, cause he can stay true to himself and not curse to just sell albums. But at the same time, he can keep it clean and still sell albums.
  3. "On top of old smokeyyyyyyy..." "3000 bottles of beer on the wall..."
  4. I was just watching Waynes World, radical, excellent :wickedwisdom:
  5. I found some pre made banners online, so I decided to add text to them (besides the last one). I used paint :1-cool: They kinda shrunk when I uploaded them, so if anyone wants to enlarge them, that would be fine.
  6. No I didn't get an error message, I just downloaded flash player and installed it. Then when I went to youtube, the video doesn't appear, and when I right click where the video should be, it says "Movie not loaded..." I have a Windows XP. I don't know why it isn't working.
  7. Thanks dude! I downloaded it and installed flash player. But for some reason, the videos still aren't loading on youtube. I am going to try downloading quicktime to see if it will then work.
  8. Well, whenever I go to watch a youtube video, it won't load the video. I think that is because I don't see to have flash player, and I can't seem to download flash player. I go to the screen to dowload the flash player, and it leaves out the button that you need to press for it to download because of a protection thing or a wall guard thing. I can't seem to make it display the page correctly, so I can't watch any videos with flash, so I can't watch any videos on youtube and many other sites.
  9. What site do ya'll go to watch music videos? Youtube doesn't work for me for some reason and aol dosen't have a big selection. The only other ones I know of are allmusicvideo.com (which only some of the music videos work for me on there) and singingfool.com. Thanks
  10. I would really appreciate it if someone could upload these songs: Coming To The Stage Grovers Groove Thanks
  11. Yeah I know. I should be able to make my own judgement and decisions on my own music. But I can see where they are coming from cause I know that they don't want me to fall into the trap of listening to trashy music. I already have heard that kinda stuff, and I don't like it at all. One thing that kinda bummed me out was when I was at Best Buy the other day, looking through the hip hop section, I saw that Midnight Marauders by ATCQ had a sticker on it. I just recently started listening to ATCQ and I really like their music, but I probably will have to wait until I'm older to pickup that album. I did end up buying these albums though: The Low End Theory - ATCQ Strictly Bussiness - EPMD Radio - LL Cool J I have been listening to those a lot since then and they are dope.
  12. This one is a little tougher: Find a picture of FP with boxing gloves on.
  13. Find a picture of Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince Forever! graffiti
  14. Find a picture of Jeff and Mad Skills. edit- I'm not sure if there is a picture of Jeff and Mad Skills, so if there isn't then find a cartoon picture of FP.
  15. My bad, alright, here it goes: Find a picture of FP and Geoffery.
  16. You never know, jeff is always bugging him to come to the studio for a couple of weeks to bust out a fresh JJFP album. FP could finally wake up one of these days and take a break from the film biz and do what he says he loves. Well there's only a month left until Will's off to do at least 6 consecutive films so that JJFP album might not happen until 2015, and it'll be truely a miracle if anybody buys it, maybe just a few of us and that's it: "Fresh Prince was hot but the movies killed him", Will Smith the actor has lots of life left while FP the rapper is on life support.... I feel your pain Ted. How can FP be so great at rapping, and love it, but instead act? I guess we can only hope that FP drops some of his films (if that is possible) to start rapping again while he still is young. I don't understand why FP would use up this time in his life to act, when he can always have the ability to act, but not always have the ability to rap (atleast at this high of level).
  17. He didn't exactly change his views on hip hop, but we were able to talk over our differences. He explained to me why he didn't like me listening to rap (because over time, bad music can become more and more acceptable and for some other reasons), but I showed him that I wasn't going to start listening bad music full of swearing and drugs and stuff. I told him how I liked the beats and the lyrics, and how its about having fun. We are cool now, and I might be able to keep PE (my dad is probably going to listen to the album, and talk it over with my mom). But you know what the funny thing is? My older sister, who is now about 24 yrs old and married, used to listen to hip hop when she was my age and I am 99% sure she had the exact same PE album. My parents took it away from her too haha. She also had Code Red and Big Willie Style. I was only 8 yrs old at the time.
  18. I liked this paragraph so much Wes, that I printed it out and gave it to him with an apology to help him understand my point. Thanks for this dude.
  19. You never know, jeff is always bugging him to come to the studio for a couple of weeks to bust out a fresh JJFP album. FP could finally wake up one of these days and take a break from the film biz and do what he says he loves.
  20. see this is the thing, some parents have it in their head that because an artist talks about guns, sex and drugs that their kids will do it. this is why the whole PA sticker came out, because some Washington wives were concerned about it. however, studies show that most kids arent influenced by that stuff and if they are its because they come from a broken home and or have some mental instability. i know confronting your dad right now might not be the best thing, but try to show him that you listen to Will Smith and Run-DMC and try and show him how those are good lyrics and try to show him that you are mature enough to not act on other lyrics that dont fit your values and that he's raised you well enough for that not to affect you. just be glad u got some good music out of it like Run DMC cuz thats a great album and ATCQ is always dope too. Yeah, I know what you mean. My dad and I are cool now, its just that we get into arguements once in awhile but I'm going to try to avoid argueing with him as much as possible. My dad probably just said that cause he was mad, because he knows I'm mature. Thanks for the advice Wes. Also, I am really liking both the albums I bought. ATCQ is probably my favorite rap group after JJFP now. Its amazing how smooth their ryhmes and beats are.
  21. That is exactly what my dad always tells me. He says its talking to a beat. But I don't really care what my dad thinks of hip hop.
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