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    WildWildWillennium reacted to Da Brakes in JJFP.COM FORUM REVIVAL   
    Always here... never left   Hope
    you are well bro 
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    WildWildWillennium got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in JJFP.COM FORUM REVIVAL   
    I can't believe all the familiar names from way way back in the day are still on here, I miss you guys. It's so cool that this forum is still active.
    What's up AJ! You once shipped a JJFP B-Sides & Rarities mixtape to me after an AIM chat years ago and to this day it's one of my favorite CDs ever haha (it had "From Da South" on it!!)
    And Tim you were the one who introduced me to Hieroglyphics and that essentially took me down the rabbit hole of underground hip hop which changed the way I listened to music.
    Is Da Brakes still here?? I miss our forum text-battle tournaments! LOL
    Hope everyone is well :)
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