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  1. I also like the both sides of his music. I can enjoy the fun tracks like miami, getting jiggy with it, will2k. But other times his strong "real life" tracks mean a lot too me too, like potnas, lost and found, ... Even his story telling music from back in the days, and now scary story, even loretta you can see as a story telling track.

    So if he keeps his diversity he's gone stay great, because any one of us feels different every day, and like this we can listen to his music whenever we want, in whatever mood we are.

  2. Well, since I pretty much find songs of Will Smith and if even possible, try to find remixes of some of them. I really much want to hear more of his songs, since almost over 80% of my music library is him and with Jazzy Jeff.

    dude, get involved on the forum and you'll be sorted!

    U have got to have a certain amount of forum posts before you can get acces to these songs ? Or what do you have to do ? Thnx for the info

  3. Have to go with Lost & Found, Willenium was also a great album, but on L&F he covers more topics, it's a totally different side of Will that we had never seen before. And on Willenium there were a couple of tracks that I didn't like while on L&F I like every track. Although I have to agree that I'm coming is much better I think than here he comes. But that's my opinion, Here he comes is also great but I don't know I'm coming has something more to me.

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