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  1. But doesn't anybody else find it weird that such a huge movie doesn't even have a downloads section on its website? :confused3: Slacking webmasters these days.
  2. I've been on the Hitch website tons of times and can't find the Downloads section anywhere with the wallpapers. I want one seriously bad. Can anybody else find them? If so, please link me and I'll love you forever. Seriously. :antlers:
  3. Here comes the craziest statement of the whole thread: I like the beat of the remix better than the album version. I know it's an amateur attempt, but it's something different, something that sounds good in a car riding down the street, and doesn't feel like a rehashed "Boom Shake The Room". I likes. Thanks for sharing. :thumb:
  4. 50 is trying to get everybody in the world pissed at him. Meh, until 50 or Eminem prove they have the longevity of Will Smith, I'm not taking anything they say seriously.
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