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  1. sup yall? long time...

    i dunno if its been posted b4

    but chack out a lil quote from Xzibit's songs called: Criminal Set

    form he's last albums "Weapons of Mass Destruction"


    I heard the O.G.'s they don't hit

    And I'm the only one left from the West that you can't **** with

    But lately I've been feelin like Will Smith

    Why bother with rap when I can get 20 mill' on a flick?


    whats yall think about it?

  2. bet awards 2005 video can you upload? :wiggle:

    Whats`s the magic word?

    its only one ?!?cuz i think there is a lot more like spam,virus,hack and... :hmm: just kidding man but if u have that video i think the right word is FASTER cuz i dont have BET and miss the whole show so ....come on man :wink:

    I don`t have the Video..I was just trying to be funny :lolsign: :wink:

    :rofl: :rofl: Good one man... :haha:

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