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    gosia got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in Alfonso and his wife are expecting!   
    Alfonso Ribeiro ‏@alfonso_ribeiro
    Coming This Fall: A Baby Alfonso or A Baby Angela!

    Congrats to the happy couple!
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    gosia got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in Jeff talks about Eminem, Will and more   
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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in Ali - behind the scenes   
    I haven't seen that one. Enjoy!

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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in Tim Westwood & FP freestyle   

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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in Old/Rare WS Vids   
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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in Old/Rare WS Vids   
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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in MIB3 box office - $620 Million Worldwide   
    Let this be a lesson to you kids: don't EVER underestaimate the power of Will!

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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in Old/Rare WS Vids   
    Rewind: Why Will Smith Joined 'Fresh Prince'

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    gosia reacted to Ale in DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince Mixtape   
    Video description:

    Mid 80's mixtape containing early versions of Just Rockin' and the Live at Union Square set with Jeff cutting up Rock the Bells

    From though I've tried to clean it up a bit


    Great stuff!!!
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    gosia reacted to Hero1 in Will Smith in the studio with Yung Poppa   
    1st question, who the hell is yung poppa?
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    gosia reacted to kylio_27 in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    "I will absolutely vote for Barack Obama."

    Ugh. Has the moron not figured it out yet? Oh wait, he's black...that's why.

    "I stand as a product of America. There's no other country on earth that I could exist in the fashion that I exist in this world."

    Translation: America created and continues to support my nauseating and disgusting celebrity, even though my films kinda' profited more in foreign markets, lol, that's why I do press junkets in all these other sh-thole countries, lol, but whatevs! Ammuuuuurica!"

    "I'll pay any tax I need to pay to continue to be who I am"

    Ugh. Sickening. More of the good ol' liberal celebrity bit "any taxes are fine as long as I can still be me(a smug celebrity)!". Yeah, implying that raising taxes and/or creating new ones(like through this new healthcare mandate) is good...what a moron. Hell, even if you do pay more out of your rich ass, what would that do to help cut wasteful spending on failed programs and policies? America already spends more on education and healthcare than anyone else, oh, but they need more!!! Nah, it can't be because they run it inefficiently, it's 'cause there's not enough money! Let's just keep feeding the machine!

    Oh, and that f-cktard Brolin...

    "I wouldn't change anything. We're in a really nice time right now.."

    Says the liberal elitist scumbag.
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    gosia got a reaction from Ale in What do you think of MIB3?   
    Saw it today at the first screening of the day (lol don't judge me, I was waiting 3,5 years for a new Will Smith movie and I wasn't going to wait any longer). I saw it in 3D IMAX. Even though it was shot in 2D and then converted, the opening scene (when Boris The Animal aka "Just Boris" lol, you'll get it .. escapes form prison) and the time jump scene look amazing in 3D. I had doubts if I wanted to see in in 3D but it was worth it even just for these two scenes. Will and Tommy were great (we already know the characters so don't expect anything knew to see although there is an emotional suprise at the end that involves both of them) but Josh Brolin absolutely nailed this role. What I love about all 3 MIBs is the stuff in the background that you miss when you watch it for the first time and you slowly discover later on so I'll defenately go and see it again. Look out for lil Frank The Pug references in the film (in J's apartment and at the poster in the background in 1969 when the cops stop J's car). Freaking hilarious! Roger Ebert called it the best film out of the 3. I think he was either high when he was writing that or he's just too old to remember how incredible the first MIB was but I do say it's a great film worth your time and money. Go see it!
    My favourite lil line in the film was "Mr. President drank my milk" (you'll get it...freaking hilarious).
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    gosia got a reaction from Tyrailius in No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith   
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    gosia got a reaction from VIsqo in No MIB 3 Track from Will Smith   
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    gosia reacted to gosia in Jada/Fam/Misc   
    I don't care for Sheree's relationships nor do I care for Sheree herself. I don't know the woman and I couldn't care less what she's up to. All I'm saying is once you put yourself out to the public you cannot control the outcomes. And the outcomes can be hard to handle. To me personally being a First Lady and a reality star just doesn't and shouldn't go together but that's just my "narrow-minded, old-school" self.
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