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  1. "[...] superhero film but with serious acting." - JazzyJulie R: That's what X-Men, Spider-Man and Batman Begins are, too! ;) That's not something new! But the great thing is that Will is given the chance to play a superhero. You know, they don't really offer superhero roles such as Batman and Spider-Man to black men, so GREAT!
  2. Then sorry. But I highly doubt a winter release..
  3. And with Gabriele Muccino the film has an amazing director who is able to capture dramatic moments. In an interview on the italian Tv Coming Soon he talked about the movie, telling that he didn't want to "sell himself" to Hollywood, but when Will sent him the script he was amazed.
  4. BUT THEY FINISHED IN NOVEMBER!! THEY DIDN'T START IN NOVEMBER. YES, PRE-PRODUCTION COULD BE NOW, but I don't think they will film the movie from November to March and then release it in July. It ain't possible. Believe me, big budget movies need more time than indies ;)
  5. NOPE! Men in Black 2 was filmed from June to November 2001. And, November just because they had to rewrite and re-film the whole finale after 9/11. A movie like M.I.B. need at least one year of post-production for the special FX. If you've seen the extras on the M.I.B. 2 DVD you know that they had to do many things differently from what they wanted because of the lack of time. What didn't happen to M.I.B. which they filmed from March to July 1996 having a year for post production. DAMN! If everything would be as easy as you say then the filmmakers wouldn't have any problems anymore. Movies need at least two years to be made for the pre-production, filming and post-production -- AT LEAST BLOCKBUSTERS LIKE M.I.B. And they began filming Spider-Man 3 in November / December 2005, why not release it in May 2006 instead of May 2007...
  6. Men in Black won't be released in 2007. It's impossible. Will's next movie Pursuit of Happyness is in post production. And this summer filming for Tonight, He comes begins. IF there will be a Men in Black 3, it won't be filmed until 2007 so it won't be out until 2008. But I highly doubt this movie is going to happen!
  7. ANOTHER CRAZY INFO. Did you know the role of Bruce Wayne / Batman was offered to Bill Murray directed by Ivan Reitman in 1986. But then Tim Burton came on board and changed the script and everything. With Tim Burton other choices were Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin but Michael Keaton got the role.
  8. Cool! I think it's def you are working on a positive Hip-hop project since Hip Hop SHOULD BE positive. You know, music is a world where you can flee to forget all the negative things in this world for an hour or 2. If the world is negative and MUSIC brings negativity, too --- DAMN, what can we do to chill out a bit?
  9. Da Brakes has released his 2nd record. And what are your projects? I am currently pitching some ideas for beats, rhymes etc. and hope to release some stuff until 2007. AND YOU???
  10. A 3rd MIB would be cool, but only with a good script. Some films on this site are really false. Like "Batman: Year One", it should have been out in 2004 directed by Darren Aronofsky. But Christopher Nolan took over and made "Batman Begins" for a 2005 release. Or "Batman vs. Superman". It should have come out in 2005 but Wolfgang Petersen decided to work on "Troy" and WB decided to produce "Batman Begins". There WILL be a "Jurassic Park 4"! It will probably come out in 2007 directed by Joe Johnston. There won't be "Leathal Weapon 5" and "Rocky 4" is false, too. I'm REALLY looking forward to "Die Hard 4.0". The movie was in development last year and had to be filmed in fall 2005 in New Jersey for a summer 2006 release. But after what happened to New Jersey they had to rewrite the script, too. So it now doesn't have any date.
  11. THAT's GOOD. It has a "daammn.." effect to me, it's a great vid for a great song! YO! INTERSCOPE! If you don't want to spend money on a TELL ME WHY video, here it is!
  12. GOT TO CHANGE A BIT ABOUT HALF&HALF with Kel on it next season. It won't be aired on UPN but on TheCW. UPN and TheWB got together creating a new channel called TheCW. A little off-topic, but ... sorry!
  13. I've enjoyed ALL OF US (I've seen 3 or 4 eps.) and I loved to see Will back on the tv screen for the first time since 1996. But I'm pretty dissapointed the series aris on Upn because it's the WEAKEST and UGLIEST tv channel in the US - even FOX is better! It's cool that Will is going to direct an episode because it's his first work as director. He wrote some episodes for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and was the showrunner of the 95-96 season but he never directed. TWO THUMBS UP ;)
  14. Yeah. It took me a "little" time :) I just didn't want to do the "you know, will's in it so every episode gets an A"-Ratings. I gave attention to important things like story, humour, character writing etc.
  15. This was neve really a topic on this forum but I think that it would be really interesting. Rate & Review the series' episodes. RATINGS Season 1 1. The Fresh Prince Project B- 2. Bang the Drum, Ashley A- 3. Clubba Hubba B- 4. Not With My Pig, You Don't C 5. Homeboy, Sweet Homeboy B+ 6. Mistaken Identity A- 7. Def Poet's Society B 8. Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect - part 1 B- 9. Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect - part 2 B+ 10. Kiss My Butler A 11. Courting Disaster C 12. Talking Turkey B- 13. Knowledge is Power A 14. Day Damn One B+ 15. Deck the Halls A 16. The Lucky Charm A- 17. The Ethnic Tip B+ 18. The Young and the Restless A 19. It Had To Be You A 20. Nice Lady C 21. Love at First Fight D 22. Banks Shot A- 23. 72 Hours A 24. Just Infatuation B- 25. Working It Out A- Season 1 lacks somewhere in storytelling and writing. Sometimes it's just annoying that almost every episode is repeating and has the same writing style. Will makes something wrong and at the end Unclie Phil tells him something about it and we all learn from that... But there are some real highlights in this season. A thing that makes this season far better from other is that it's just hilarious. Fun - classic episodes! Season 2 1. Did the Earth Move For You? A 2. The Mother of All Battles A 3. Will Gets a Job A 4. PSAT Pstory A- 5. Granny Gets Busy B+ 6. Guess Who's Coming to Marry? B+ 7. The Big Four-Oh B- 8. She Ain't Heavy A 9. Cased Up A+ 10. Hi-Ho Silver B 11. The Butler Did It B- 12. Something For Nothing B 13. Christmas Show A 14. Hilary Gets a Life A 15. My Brother's Keeper D+ 16. Geoffrey Cleans Up B 17. Community Action A 18. Ill Will A+ 19. Eyes on the Prize A+ 20. Those Were the Days B 21. Vying for Attention B- 22. The Aunt Who Came to Dinner C+ 23. Be My Baby Tonight A+ 24. Strip-Tease for Two A The series got better with its second season. The jokes and the writing are better here and also the characterizations.. Season 3 1. How I Spent My Summer Vacation A+ 2. Will Gets Committed B 3. That's No Lady, That's My Cousin A 4. Hilary Gets a Job A- 5. Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe A- 6. P.S. I Love You C 7. Here Comes the Judge B 8. Boyz in the Woods A 9. A Night at the Oprah A 10. Asses to Ashes A- 11. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum B+ 12. The Cold War A 13. Mommy Nearest B- 14. Winner Takes Off B 15. Robbing the Banks B- 16. Bundle of Joy C 17. The Best Laid Plans A+ 18. The Alma Matter B+ 19. Just Say Yo A 20. The Baby Comes Out A 21. You Bet Your Life B 22. Ain't No Business Like Show Business B- 23. The Way We Were B 24. Six Degrees of Graduation A+ What can I say. Funny, intelligent, hilarious, funny, funny, did I say funny? This is the best season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air that marks one of the best episodes ever - "Six Degrees of Graduation". The Prince at his top! :2thumbs: Season 4 1. Where There's a Will, There's a Way - part 1 A+ 2. Where There's a Will, There's a Way - part 2 B- 3. All Guts, No Glory A 4. Father of the Year A 5. It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It... B- 6. Will Goes a-Courtin' B 7. Hex and the Single Guy A- 8. Blood is Thicker Than Mud C+ 9. Fresh Prince After Dark A 10. Home is Where the Heart Attack Is B 11. Take My Cousin Please C 12. You've Got To Be a Football Hero B- 13. 'Twas the Night Before Christening A 14. Sleepless in Bel-Air A 15. Who's the Boss B- 16. I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams A 17. When You Hit Upon a Star D+ 18. Stop Will! In the Name of Love C+ 19. You'd Better Shop Around A+ 20. The Ol' Ball and Chain B 21. The Harder They Fall C+ 22. M is For the Many Things She Gave Me A 23. Mother's Day B+ 24. Papa's Got a Brand-New Excuse A+ 25. For Sale By Owner C 26. The Philadelphia Story A- Season 4 could have been as good as Season 3 but I've noticed a sharp decline in the second half. Beside this Season 4 marked some really good and funny episodes! Season 5 1. What's Will Got to Do With It? B- 2. The Client B+ 3. Reality Bites A 4. Grumpy Young Men A- 5. Fresh Prince: The Movie D- 6. Will's Misery B+ 7. Father Knows Best B- 8. Soul Train B 9. Love Hurts A 10. Will's Up a Dirt Road A- 11. Will Steps Out B- 12. Same Game, Next Season A- 13. Three's a Crowd B- 14. It's a Wonderful Lie B 15. Bullets Over Bel-Air A- 16. A Decent Proposal B+ 17. Will is From Mars C+ 18. The Wedding Show C 19. Slum Like It ... Not! B 20. As the Will Turns C+ 21. Save the Last Trance For Me C+ 22. To Thine Own Self Be Blue ... and Gold B+ 23. Cold Feet, Hot Body C 24. Love in an Elevator B+ 25. For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll A- The writers wanted to make FPOBA more serious and added a bit of continuity in this season (the Will & Lisa story). The jokes got a bit lower in this season and there are some really poor episodes (Fresh Prince: The Movie for example). But overall an OK and fun season. Season 6 1. Burnin' Down the House B 2. Get a Job B+ 3. Stress Related A- 4. Bourgie Sings the Blues A- 5. The Script Formerly Known As B 6. Not, I Barbecue A+ 7. Not With My Cousin You Don't A+ 8. Viva Lost Wages A 9. There's the Rub - part 1 A- 10. There's the Rub - part 2 A- 11. I, Ooh, Baby, Baby B- 12. Boxing Helena B 13. I, Clownius B+ 14. Breaking Up is Hard To Do - part 1 B- 15. Breaking Up is Hard To Do - part 2 C 16. I, Bowl Buster C+ 17. The Butler's Son Did It A- 18. Hare Today... A 19. I, Whoops, There It Is C 20. I, Stank Horse A- 21. I, Stank Hole in One A 22. Eye, Tooth A 23. I, Done - part 1 A 24. I, Done - part 2 A Will became showrunner with this season going back to the roots what means: More comedy, less drama. The jokes are fresh again making the last season a really hilarious one
  16. "THE MARK" IS "TONIGHT, HE COMES". Overbrook Ent. had developed and modified the screenplay a bit to fit into Nick's production scheme, but then they decided to mantain the original screenplay and produce it with Sony Pictures Entertainment with the new title "Tonight, He Comes" and the director Jonathan Mostow.
  17. Yes, he is. His Will Smith fansite was the first italian on the web. So later he got an e-mail from Overbrook Entertainment to make an official italian Will Smith site and they gave him the domain (www.willsmith.it), too!
  18. Well. I don't hate the cover. I hate the fact that they used a promotional picture from Season 1 for the front cover and a promotional picture from Season 4 for the back cover. Also, the extras were changed! No cast reunion, look @ the back cover: BEST OF THE UPPER BEL-AIR CRUST - Season 3 Highlights BEL-AIR BLOOPERS
  19. Ok. MY SHADOW DREAMS. :: Sleeping with Jessica Alba :kekeke: :: Running an half-hour tv show for a year or two :: Writing, producing and directing (probably starring, too) a movie - indipendent or not. I got an idea to this film too: :jusmindyabizness: It was a dream / nightmare I had last week. I was in a building with a friend. Outside there was the police that wanted to :bat: us. The crazy thing. Everything was surreal and the craziest thing - we didn't know what we've had done. So we couldn't get out. But then - my pal wanted cigarettes. There weren't any cigarettes in this building. --- WE HAD TO GET OUT AND RISK OUR LIFE'S.. and then - DAMN! I woke up.. Gotta write the end to it :: Becoming better in rapping and become a rapper :: Sleeping with Angelina Jolie... :: After splitting up with Jessica Alba find a girl, marry her and get a tons of kids...
  20. The 3rd is the best season of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. The show got more adult with this episodes and jokes / writing are on an higher level here. Plus, this season had the highest ratings on Nbc. From the 4th season the ratings went downhill instead of growing. SO THAT'S MY CHARTS ;) : 1) Season 3. 10/10 --> Best season, nothing to say. 2) Season 4. 9,5/10 --> Best opening of season, i like the jokes. 3) Season 2. 9,5/10 --> Better than the 1st season, good storylines. 4) Season 6. 9,5/10 --> The last season doesn't have any red line that you can find for example in the 2 previous seasons. Sometimes lacks in originality. 5) Season 5. 9/10 --> Good season, with some emotional episodes. But for me it doesn't have outstanding episodes. 6) Season 1. 8,5/10 --> Just pure fun and non-sense. Will's acting wasn't the best, but he was funny, smart 'n' crazy in this season. Some episodes lack in writing and "speed".
  21. Ok. Here's the point. Six Degrees of Separation is one of Fred Schepisi's typical movies. Slow, story- and dialogbased with some satirical aspects. The three actors Stockard Channing, Will Smith and Donald Sutherland were great but WORD it was weird to see a "gay Will Smith". I'm a Will Smith fan since I was 10 and watched the movie at that age, I thought it was so boring that I wanted to hang myself up.... but now I enjoy watching it (if not often, because it's not a "light" movie)... HIT! If you are ready to watch a "difficult" movie
  22. I dunno... Bbe. Bbe is for sure a GREAT label and has some of the greatest artists releasing through it (DJ JAZZY JEFF, Pete Rock) but I dunno... because, you know. It is a small label and they haven't the money to make some major publishing like Jive, Interscope and I would really like to see sumthing BIG, GREAT when they come back as JJFP. I dunno if it could be a hit on Bbe.
  23. I think that the deal is still there. 1st) It's only a distribution deal. So, Will paid the "making" of the album himself with Overbrook 2nd) Lost and Found did sell well. Ok, it didn't go platinum in the USA or it didn't sell like *sucking* 50's Massacre, but 600.000 copies were sold in the USA and the album went platinum worldwide. I mean, if the album costs like 20$, Interscope / Universal made like 20 milion dollars. That ain't bad. So I think that there is still a contract. BUT would Interscope risk and sell a new record by him as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince!? I mean a lot of people know him only as Will Smith now and a lot of people know Jeff only from the series and not as a DJ. Yes, they had big hits in the 80's and 90's but unfortunately things have changed. I think that it could (have) be(en) possible that Jive Records would (have) sign(ed) them... but Jive Records is now part of SonyBmg and Sony fired Will three years ago, so... I dunno. Jive could be possible, but I don't know how Sony interacts with that label... know what I mean?
  24. I WANT A NEW JJFP ALBUM. But I don't see it coming it soon. Will Smith is busy, promoting (if Interscope releases it) TELL ME WHY, then shooting TONIGHT, HE COMES. I really don't think that a new record would come out before 2007.
  25. Jazzy Julie, I think you're damn right! It would be stupid if Will would ruin his fame and success to do more albums, but Interscope has to release Tell Me Why!
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