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    KevTastic got a reaction from Hero1 in Forum updated!   
    Looking Fly
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    KevTastic reacted to Big Willie in It's the end of 2018...no new album yet   
    You’ve gotta move with the times Ted. Everything evolves to cater to a current audiences preferences. It’s not ignorance, it’s just not what they like or have even heard. If anything the older heads who don’t even attempt to listen to new school stuff before branding it trash, are the ignorant ones. 
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    KevTastic reacted to Big Willie in It's the end of 2018...no new album yet   
    Nail on the head.
    His career buzz wasn’t even highest in the 90s. FPOBA has been appreciated more since it wrapped, 96 is where his career took off. Then he had a flawless, bankable period through 2000-2008, where if his name was attached to a project it went ballistic.
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    KevTastic reacted to Big Ben in Logic Ft Will Smith - Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different   
    Come on, man. Enjoy it. You've got six posts with negativity, life is too beautiful for that. I'll also point out that those artists he has collaborated with in the past were not of his era either, with the exception of Biz or Slick Rick and a handful of others. He's collaborated with people outside his norm throughout his career and I can't complain about this choice and the messege. Let Will be... different.
    Dope track.
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    KevTastic reacted to bigted in Logic Ft Will Smith - Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different   
    I like the song he still got it but obviously this is the first time logic is mentioned on this board so I know most jjfp fans rather see him keep it classic although the song sounds like a home base song
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    KevTastic reacted to bigted in PRAYER AND SUPPORT CIRCLE   
    My uncle skip is officially out of icu and in a regular room now!
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Hero1 in Jazzy Jeff Australian Tour   
    Good Stuff Man, Awesome you'll get to catch up with Jeff again. Tim Martin will be over there by then as well, so will have to let him know.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Hero1 in Footage of Will Smith in the studio! (New music coming soon)   
    Loving the hype for this. Good time to be a JJFP fan. Yes Jeff needs to get on board. But the hype train is pulling in.
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    KevTastic reacted to Hero1 in Vinyl Destination - General Thread   
    Best one in a while!
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Hero1 in Get Lit   
    Yeh Guys. It really is a social media marketing world now. Do whatever you ca
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    KevTastic got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Jeff's Birthday   
    I may still have it on an external hard drive. I'll have to have a look
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    KevTastic got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Movement on Bad Boys III   
    Just gonna have to shout at Will from the crowd of the JJFP show. Get a proper answer lol
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Crash9 in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    Haha, they're dope basketball shirts. Good work.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Ale in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    So i got married yesterday and my best man got Jeff to send us a video message for the service.
    He also said he's looking forward to seeing us at a JJFP show. Great character, great guy to the fans.
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    KevTastic reacted to cristigolo in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    As mentioned in the facebook group yesterday, nice to be back. I also have bought a golden circle ticket and am looking forward to the show and meeting you guys.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from jazzypete in Vinyl Destination - General Thread   
    Skillz used to throw in little stories that were always fun. Ferno still has some comedy moments.
    You can tell Dayne is just happy to be on this journey of a lifetime.
    I still enjoy watching all of these though.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New music - caution in the wild   
    The best thing to come out of today is not the track itself. it's Will coming to terms with the fact that just putting out music in any form is the most important thing and not to worry about labels, hits and popularity.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New music - caution in the wild   
    I lile the track. Wills not on it enough though. So almost sounds like a high qualiy demo that wasnt quite finalised. Still this is a very positive showing for the future. Big Will bring us some more soon..... And that tour 
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Lerkot in So Will has basically abandoned music the last 10 years to make horrible movies...   
    I agree with a fair bit of that statement Lerkot. Although not on the lack of technique in his rapping. Puts on Brand New Funk
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    KevTastic got a reaction from scyhigh99 in #thathashtagtho   
    Damn, that is a promising hashtag. But i always feel this all rides on Will committing, and i mean signing contractual dates.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Shellshock in Boom! Shake The Room 95 (Rare)   
    That's a whole lotta remixes on one disc.
    The Outher Bros were very big here in the UK 95-96 time. They had like 3 or 4 top ten hits, so was interesting to see them remix a track from a couple of years prior and release it.  I don't recall this remix charting at all though.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from scyhigh99 in Jazzy Jeff Talks new album with Will Smith   
    Lets hope its a warm up for bigger things. The crowd were very sub-par though.
    But i guess that's the Vegas affect sometimes.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New Album, World Tour and Bad Boys III in 2016   
    We know one of them definately does. Will seems to really not get it sometimes, and what he is best at should be showcased again.
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    KevTastic got a reaction from Ale in Gettin' Jiggy at 31   
    Hi guys, i just wrote a blog about my JJFP fan story and what this forthcoming tour means to me.  If you have 5 minutes please take a look.
    Gettin’ Jiggy at 31 years youngEarly 1998, Hip Hop was ruling the world and a 13 year old working class family lad was beginning to spend his hard earned paperboy wages on CD’s and Cassettes (I rocked a walkman).  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was constantly on my square TV, and a track popped up on a chart compilation tape i had bought.  This track was Will Smith’s Gettin’ Jiggy Wit it.
    What was it about this track that got me hooked? The rhyme’s were fun, the flow was slick, the sample and cuts worked perfectly, the chorus is annoyingly catchy. It was the perfect pop rap track.  Will’s music and movie career were both huge, he was everywhere.
    The internet was starting to get some real steam and i began to look into Will’s career more and more.  It was then that i realized older hits Boom shake the room and summertime i remembered as a kid were by him and and a man called Jazzy Jeff.  As a family we’d be tuned into the UK Top 40 every sunday afternoon.
    Around this time Jazzy Jeff ad Fresh Prince’s greatest hits was released. Jive records clearly cashing in on Will’s resurgence in music, and who can blame them.  I had that disc on repeat even more than Big Willie Style.  The tracks were the gateway i needed as a young teen to explore and study Hip Hop music and culture, educating myself from the old school up.  But whatever i explored, it was these five JJ+FP studio albums that found their way back into the CD player time and time again.  Jeff’s samples and cutting, Prince’s stories that you couldn’t help but memorize, their obvious ability to add their live chemistry onto record.  It was infectious stuff.  I would be force feedling school friends mixtapes of the duo’s stuff, if they wanted it or not.
    Will being such a huge movie star, and often prioritzing that above music made me doubt ever getting to see him perform live. Not through lack of trying.  I attended the movie premieres of Hitch and Hancock in London in hope of rumours of him performing live claimed to be true.  As i began to follow in my sisters footsteps (A modest heavy metal star in her day) and begin a love affair with Rock and alternative music. I questioned Hip Hop stars passion for performing live.  Whilst in my late teens and throughout my 20s i have seen dozens of my favourite bands tour regularly. I didn’t understand why rappers didn’t push themselves to the same limits. A lot of people i know who love Hip Hop music have never seen their fave artists perform live and seem content in that just being normal.  As a varied music lover I almost find it odd that when a new abum drops, that a artist doesn’t follow it up with a tour for at least promotional purposes.
    In 2002 i joined a Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince fan site ran by an Australian named Tim, who has become a good friend of mine over the years.   I have met many like minded fans and we have built a great community over the high and low points of the duo’s post millenium career.
    Around 2004 i noticed Jeff was touring a lot.  But it wasn’t until early 2006 that i decided to attend a show in Leeds where an old friend was at University.  Tim from the JJFP site asked me to get in touch with Jeff’s tour manager at the time via myspace. (remember when that ruled your life?) He said i could possibly meet Jeff at the show.   I didn’t expect too much, however when we get to the show Jeff’s crew give me and my friend the VIP treatment.  Getting to witness Jeff’s killer Hip Hop set sidestage washing it all down with free beer was at the time one of the best nights of my life.
    Since that inaugral night in 2006 i have been lucky enough to attend over a dozen shows.  Initially with the slept on talent of Mad Skillz, and more recently the young, hungry and humble Dayne Jordan filling the Master of Ceremonies duties. Each time getting to hang out with Jeff.  Here is a superstar DJ who has allowed fans the chance to befriend him.  He never had to do that, and I can’t stress how honoured some of us over at jazzyjefffreshprince.com are to have been put in this situation.
    Jeff has opened my eyes and ears to so many different styles of music i would have otherwise ignored.  He can give you a straight Hip Hop set like no other, but just as easily throw in some house, soul and funk that will leave your feet sore.
    As longtime supporters of Will’s career we as fans often get frustrated with his commitment to music, but understand the workload he has had to juggle. Will admits that he has never done a proper full on tour with Jeff. Occasionally we as fans would find out afterwards that the duo have performed together at a movie wrap up party, or whatever. It’s been a gruelling task to stay optimistic that we would ever see them perform live together. Jeff has always told us it could happen, and Will wants to. But with Will not taking music seriously for the past 10 years even the most hopeful of fans had given up.  
    A 31 year old Man wakes up one morning, still a regular visitor to said JJFP fan site. He sees Will has returned with a verse on a Columbian dance track. The site is buzzing. Nobody expected this.
    Soon after Will is interviewed by music journeyman Zane Lowe. Will drops a bomb shell about being focused on music and……..Touring with Jazzy Jeff next summer.  This 31 year old is shot back to a teenager instantly. The idea of me being able to be there in a crowd rapping along to one of my all time favourite artists and seeing Jeff back him up on the wheels is still something that hasn’t quite hit me fully. Something i had written off ever happening a decade ago, will happen and i will be there amongst friends and fellow fans. I don’t think Will is aware just how much demand there has been for this over the years. 
    I happen to be seeing Jeff live again this very evening. Words of excitement are due to be shared.  He has been a driving force in Will’s ear that this is something that can be very special for a lot of people. Me being one of them.
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    KevTastic reacted to JumpinJack AJ in What Are You Listening To? XXII   
    Simply Christopher (2015)
    Another 90's legend returns. If you remember the R&B singer who was formally on Uptown Records (then Giant), you can peep the new song at the link above.
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