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  1. well, just in case you dont keep the cd, you can always give it to me! :lolsign: sorry
  2. really? i live in cali too. i guess i didnt here it cos i was at school. what day did it air?
  3. i dont think he'd work with young buck after that stabbing incident...
  4. hope that does not happen :bowdown:
  5. it's pretty weird, i havent heard switch on the radio lately. :what: krizia was sayin will was supposed to be on Power 106, but i havent heard about it. if someone heard it here, they would've said something already. we've been expectin switch to be out since the end of september. :dunno: if i doesnt come out soon, im gonna go crazy :bang: :lolsign:
  6. talk bout cheesy christmas songs, im actually sittin here listening to my cousin's NSYNC christmas album :scared2:
  7. ur welcome E - Style-Greesy - E i didnt want to quote your post :roll:
  8. you're right, i've never seen a rapper-doctor, professor or lawyer... tho im hopping to become one. :thumb:
  9. I don't even know him, does he got a official site or something? If so, can u gimme the link? :what: THX! i heard his song 'learn chinese' on a wallmart Cd they sent out. here is his official website: Jin Official Website here's his soundclick page: Jin happy listening! :dj:
  10. I'm thinking of getting a JJFP cd, and i dont know which one is the best. i'm buying from amazon, and i'm thinking of getting code red, cos it's only $11.98, but maybe i should get their greatest hits, cos there are more good songs there. what do you guys think?
  11. this is funny cos i was just listening to jin! :dj:
  12. born to reign cos thats the only album ive got from this list hey im kinda a new fan here, and i wasnt born when jjfp made their 1st album. im clueless when it comes to talking bout their albums from 10, 15 years ago. :lolsign:
  13. yeah but still i dont think im getting this one cos i never really liked the 1st season. :dunno: i've watched it too many times on tv
  14. well my friend who's a girl, is crazy about all these rappers, like eminem, chingy, and ludacris, so id figure id do something nice for her birthday. (actually its a pretty late birthday present) :sonny:
  15. whats up with you and capital letters? man i agree somewhat with you there is some good rap now, but most of the stuff is f***ked up. they talk bout stupid stuff. they have no meaning. you heard the the lyrics? most of it is 'im fly, im gonna get with these girls (im cleaning it up), im gonna shoot these other gangsters... ' u get the idea. but some rap is decent
  16. damn! :scared2: portland comes out on top in that trade well toronto was always talking about trading carter anyway
  17. encore isnt that good? i thought of buyin it as a present to one of m friends...
  18. have you heard his album(especially 'last call')? he summarized his album in that speech. he talked about how ppl didnt think he could be a rapper, and said all kindsa stuff i didnt remember. but he ended it with 'this is proof that dreams come true' and held up his award. he just doesnt seem to be the type of person to be mad after losing one award you know?
  19. yo now we know where the young ppl at :rock: but yeah, its sad that people our age dont know anything about jazz and f prince, they all listen to the rap junk nowadays and think thats how raps supposed to be, with cussing all the time. they dont know nothin about rap thats clean and fun and rockin at the same time like jjfp's used to be.
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