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  1. yeah i've found on from the year 2003. it's pitty ... thanks for ya help guys ... maybe next year :sonny: i've written at amazon, but no answer for the moment ...
  2. hey guys! can anyone help me? i'm searching for a calender from will smith for the year 2005. but i've no idea where i start search. i'm totally confused. please, if anyone have an idea send me a mail : Kessi2509@hotmail.com it would be glad to hear from you all .... cya, Fresh Kessi
  3. it were quite a question. but thanks for help!
  4. i've read in a few sites that will smith will bring out a xmas album. so is that right? who can help me?
  5. these movie is amazing. it's just great. i've seen the movie in the original version in germany!! i love this film *fg*
  6. i'm very exciting to hear will's new single switch. i read that his single would come out in germany at least in january. i've to wait soooo long :sad6:
  7. i have to wait until thursday. then i watch it in the cinema. i'm very exctinting about it. will smith and mary j blige had made a song for shark tail. it sounds great.
  8. oh thanks. it's a lot of work, isn't it?
  9. I've heard one of this song from the couple. it's really good. I also bought the album from tatyana ali, called "Kiss in the Sky" or so. does anyone know anything else?
  10. thanks i hope i lern how to work in this forum :roll: we've people from all over the world? wow. it's just amazing. who is the producer of this forum?
  11. hi to everyone :rock: i'm new on this board. i would like to ask if someone can help me to find out how this forum works. please don't kill me with my english. i'm from germany. and i'm a very big will smith fan. he's so delicious. i've got everything about will smith *g* so if someone had MSN Messenger, please contact me : Kessi2509@hotmail.com no bull****, my birthday is on the 25th september .... really! like will smith.
  12. i've seen many pictures from that and many articles. do everyone know somthing else about these movie?? who can help me?
  13. i will hear his single so badly! do anyone know, when i can buy it in germany?
  14. hi folks! i'm new in this forum! i'm from germany and i'm a very big will smith fan!!! i love the man :thumb: he's just great and delicious *g* you see. i would like to say, that 'The fresh prince of Bel-Air' should be on DVD!!! sorry for my english grammar, i will work on that.
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