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  1. On 11/27/2017 at 7:20 AM, bigted said:

    sure this isn't will's greatest hit but i wouldn't go too far to say this is the worst song ever, will could do the abcs and sound better than all the garbage music with negative messages out today...

    i’m sorry but this song makes the alphabet song look like a masterpiece 

  2. No. I'm just saying I doubt that they are good parents. By the way, does nobody has got anythign to say about the fact that she and her whole fammily claimed that it isnt her on the tape?

    Sorry Turntable but her aunt, her uncle and several of her closest friends testified that it was indeed her in that tape. The fact of the matter is that her parents allowed her to be pimped by a child molester. They were paid off just like the other THREE cases R. Kelly was facing in the 1990s that somehow were not covered by the media.

    thanks..was just about to post this. i can't believe that anyone would be defending r. kelly at this point. :shakehead: maybe he will get locked up the next time he does it..although he probably won't.

  3. I don't see a JJFP album happening ever. Not by name anyway. Will Smith with Jeff on tracks is just fine and dandy for me though.

    But the main thing i want is that tour. New material would be awesome but we can live without that. There is a huge back-catalogue of great music from them that will keep me happy for life. I just want to see it performed cos that would add to it.

    ok but him going on tour and getting in touch with his fans that way could be the major catalyst that leads him back to the booth in 2009. :wickedwisdom:

  4. ok, heres the deal..there has been very little activity on this site, and i havent posted in a while...so knowing that this could very well get me banned, or this will be deleted or something, i must say this..and i say this as someone who (i think, i cant even remember accurately) has had a problem or two with aj in the past..lerkot, you have to be the biggest douche on this website..you are just someone who feels like he has to rebel, and does do by posting controversial things on a JJFP website? thats so weak..i say this knowing full well that this is exactly the kind of reaction you wish to get out of people, and this def. will make your day..so congrats, you got to somebody, somebody who doesn't see why someone like you, with nothing positive to say ever, who just posts garbage and retreats, probably checking every 10 minutes or so to see who they have pissed off..its like your negative crap is bait when you go fishing for antagonization..you have to have quotes denouncing religion? on a site like this? really? and when that doesnt work you sink so low as to attack someone who doesn't know what wikipedia is? beneath it all, i really do feel bad for you..you are a small, small person, and i mean that in every sense of the word.

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