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  1. Will Smith Performs For Lady B’s 30th Anniversary! [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


    One of the highlights of Lady B’s 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Dell Music Center in Philadelphia was Will Smith’s surprise appearance. But his time onstage became even more memorable when he performed “Brand New Funk” and “Summertime” in front of his hometown audience.

    Will Smith looks like he’s having so much fun, that we can’t help but wonder if he’s itching to return to his hip-hop roots. Check out this exclusive video of the Fresh Prince’s super fresh performance for Lady B!




    Was just about to post this video! You beat me too it! So pumped to see FP killin it like that in 2011. I hope he does a tour! I need to see him live! Hope he comes to Canada

  2. Wow you guys amaze me. I mean I can honestly say I believe Will is the best actor in hollywood. I mean the diversity in his roles is insane, I am shocked that he was not nominated for this movie and personally belive his acting in this was even better then Pursuit of Happyness which is amazing in itself. He should have won this oscar, his acting was rediculous. And the idea of Will being outshined with any cast makes me laugh. I don't belive there is a man alive that could outshine Will. I must be seeing a different performance then you guys cuz the acting i see out of this guy deffinatly deserves an oscar!

  3. LOL... as soon as I read that, i was like. whaaaaaaaaaaa. Will finally learned how to swim?

    come on now Will. You are the SMARTEST man in Hollywood,, what dont u understand about flappin ur wings peddliN ur feet baby? LOL

    ok. I must confess. i HATE getting my head underwater @ the beach, but i can swim tho. lol

    speaking of.. i think imma hit the beach 2day... yeaaaa...




    Wait.... Will cant swim?:o

  4. Wow 33 in its second weekend:O!! It does have legs:O!!! Ps. I think begger Vance is one of Wills best movies! I don't understand why so many of the people on this forum disagree. I thought his acting was amazing, the story was amazing, and it really spoke to me! I thought Will flexed his acting muscles quite well in that one! I mean he played an Angel and did it with flair!!:)

  5. Official numbers are in, they overestimated Hancock.

    From Variety:

    1. Hancock

    Sony Action $62,603,879 0 3965 $15,789 $103,877,446 1


    This is actually bad, now it made less than 100 M 5 day, so it's going to be TOUGH to pass 200.

    Yeah, I think we can all agree that these are pretty horrible numbers. It's his what, second highest weekend opening? It clearly should have been his first. What's worse, it's only about 10 million more than his third highest weekend opening. He just barely beat that. 62 million in three days is pretty pathetic. Moreover, it didn't even get over 100 million in 5 days. Granted, they had a few showings on Tuesday night, and many of those who saw it that Tuesday would have likely seen it on Wednesday or one of the following days, but we should ignore those numbers, because, technically, it's not 5 days... This movie is officially a flop, I'm calling it. :thumbdown:

    HAHA MaxFly love the sarcasim and agree 100% Hancock rocked the house:) and all the news people talk about is the estimated numbers so who cares:)!!! ps. 3Cookies Mike Epps calls him HANDJOB:) thats why it sounded weird;)

  6. Im gonna see it for the second time tomorrow, I think it was great too!

    Ye it doesnt seem to lose any of its value the second time... well in my opinion anyway, i guess the funny parts are obviously not as funny but I found that i appreciated the second half a lot more on the second and third runs:p! (spoilers ahead) I really appreciated that his charachter was able to fight back and ultimatly get back up after certain death due to his love for Charlizes charachter and his duty to protect the world... I also enjoyed that Berg threw in little hints to what was to come ie. Charlize being so shocked when she first sees will, him holding the Frankenstein tickets at his trailer alone, and above all when they are at the dinner table eating meatballs for the first time and jason batemen says Honey is the heat on when she is freaking out with the speghetti. That one i definatly never noticed until the third time:p... I mean i noticed the heat thing later in the film but did not know it was present that early (spoilers end) All in all i found that it has a lot of replay value and I can not wait to crank that on my sound system and watch some scenes in slow motion on blu-ray:)!!

    Congrats on another great film Will!!

  7. Awesome! :wickedwisdom:

    WOW!!! I was shocked today... after the 18 million friday I figured the 100 million mark was an impossible stat to hit but then out of nowhere 26 million on saturday:):):)!!!! WOW way to go will he does it again! what a champion! I have seen the film 3 times in theatres and I must say I thought it was AMAZING!!! I am so excited about this box office feat!


    1. NEW Hancock (Sony) — $17.1 million, $4,313 PTA, $41.13 million cume.

    Another 17 M for Hancock. It needs to do 60M+ to pass 100, which isn't likely. It'll end up doing around 50 OW and around 90 for the 5 1/2 day. It's no flop by any means but it's disappointing because now it has no shot at 250+ and 225 might be not doable. People were saying it would do at least 110 heck tracking was at 150. I guess the pretty bad ratings from the critics scared off some people or maybe the Scientology news affected it, dunno but so far it's a slight disappointment.

    Wow:(... Why??? Everyone i know was so excited for this! its gotta be a huge hit:(... we need a big friday like 25 mil.... which isnt likly at all

  9. I LOVED it! The first half an hour was some of the funniest stuff ive seen in ages, the whole cinema was laughing. What makes it funnier is that Will the nice guy is saying these horrible things. Then theres the twist and it turns into a good story line. I guess it is sort of like "i am legend" the way the movie suddenly changes, but they couldnt just have a whole film of one line jokes.

    Anyway i wont say anymore so i dont spoil it, my friends liked it, the cinema was packed and laughing, i think its gonna do really well.

    Oh word of warning dont walk straight away at the end, stay sat down.

    Agreed I thought it was amazing everyone was laughing and all my friends loved it! Saw it again today:o... seen it twice now! Box office mojo says it made less then Wall-E last night:o hopfully that is because it is advanced screenings and not a lot of theatres! I hope it makes over 70 mil this weekend but since the movie starts 3 days before the weekend that might be hard!

  10. 'Men in Black' on Blu-ray next week

    Based on an Lowell Cunnigham's obscure comic book and released in 1997 'Men in Black' become a major summer hit. It solidified Will Smith's status as an A-list movie star and Mr. Fourth-of-July. It was also the most successful comic adaptation of all time, a title it held for five years until 'Spider-Man' hit the bigscreen.

    The latest release of 'Men in Black' happens next week, when the Blu-ray Disc edition hits the stores in June 17, 2008. If you're on the hunt for it, here's the box art you'll be looking for.



    Sick i never saw the back!! I am really looking forward to this!

  11. WHEN superstars Charlize Theron and Will Smith were reunited for their new comedy, Hancock, the bubbly actress said she felt she was meeting up with her long-lost brother.

    The two Hollywood A-listers had starred in The Legend Of Bagger Vance in 2000 and fell "madly in love with each other'' at the time, Theron says - albeit just as good friends.

    "We're like brother and sister when we get together,'' she says.

    "But I was really bummed when we did Bagger because we didn't really get the chance to work that much together and yet it took us all of about five minutes to really fall madly in love with each other.

    "We just hit it off instantly and we were always messing around. There was something about me and him. We're very similar people.

    "We're both real big pranksters and jokers and so we really enjoyed each other's company. We kept pushing each other further and further, but we really didn't get a chance to work together. So this was great because we got to do that even more and yet work together.''

    Hancock is the latest Will Smith blockbuster about a superhero with a difference: instead of being loved by the public he has fallen out of favour with everyone because of his acerbic personality and hard-drinking habit.

    However, when Smith's Hancock meets Theron's married character, Mary, sparks fly and the two embark on a rather unlikely love affair.

    In real life, Smith and Theron are each happily settled, he with his wife, Jada Pinkett, and she with her partner of seven years, the actor Stuart Townsend.

    On set the pair indulged in simply having good, old-fashioned fun.

    "Will tried to fake-slap me one time, but I think he just hit me,'' Theron laughs. ``He claims I leaned into his hand and that's how that happened, but we're still debating that one.''

    Their chemistry undoubtedly helped them to portray more acutely the difficult emotions that arise from the love triangle between the superhero, Mary and her husband.

    "You set a woman up in this perfect life with this great husband - and she's a step-mum, too - and then throw her into a world where she has to choose between the perfect family and a superhero,'' Theron explains.

    Source: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/stor...5001026,00.html

    Not surprised she seems awesome and Will is always having a good time!!

  12. Does anyone know where I can get an mp3 of the unreleased tracks from Lost and Found I already have Coming to the stage and I found a youtube video of We wont that i can convert to an mp3 but i cant seem to find the other ones!! can anyone help?

    The above post was posted by me... i finally got a new password... i found an mp3 of willywood but i need to be an active memeber to get it :(

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