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  1. Thank you! And can't believe that's Willow! Sounds great! I need to know who the male singer is
  2. Lol at this hate and then bam he releases a new single to go with the movie.... Both of which were awesome imo!! The tour was never going to happen overnight like he said. More to come, get ready guys the Will of old is coming back, Bad Boys a new album, and a tour. Its an amaZing time to be a fan, the long wait is over! Get excited!
  3. This is amazing, love it, love that he's back, who else is on this track??! Should have been in the movie! Ahhh so excited for that tour!
  4. So refreshing seeing Will perform! He killed it!! Can't wait for his tour!!!!
  5. Not to mention bad boys 3, but i'm too excited about the music right now!!
  6. I can't believe it, a new album and a world tour with Jeff! This is something I truely never thought I would get to witness! I am so freaking excited right now! This is just insanity! Feels like it isn't real!! Ahahhaha!:)
  7. As for swears, i always consider it meaning heavy swears, like F-bombs, C-bombs, or N-bombs, but words like bitch, ass, and ****.... I think are fine (apparently the forum disagrees lol) sh*t
  8. Can't believe he is back!!!! Please please pleass drop an album! Also love this song, can't stop listening to it, will absolutely slaughtered that verse!!
  9. Will and Jeff performed in Vegas today!!! http://ksfm.cbslocal.com/2014/08/15/will-smith-surprises-a-las-vegas-crowd-performs-summertime-with-dj-jazzy-jeff-video/
  10. I just wish there was a full version of this entire performance. Sony had the cameras rolling why can't we see it?
  11. Ya this is awesome can't wait. I am thinking its just going to be that intro and nothing more on the mix tape but still great to hear some recorded work from him!
  12. Just heard a new rap from will as he redid the intro to summertime 3 with jeff and mic boogy. Hope this hasnt been posted already. Im on my cell so cant post link but its breaking news on tmz.com sounds so smooth
  13. Was just about to post this video! You beat me too it! So pumped to see FP killin it like that in 2011. I hope he does a tour! I need to see him live! Hope he comes to Canada
  14. So excited about this news I can't even stand it. I really hope its true and with Will performing at that Lady B tribute signs are pointing to him coming back. Hope he's working with Jazzy! But either way can't wait!!!
  15. Wow you guys amaze me. I mean I can honestly say I believe Will is the best actor in hollywood. I mean the diversity in his roles is insane, I am shocked that he was not nominated for this movie and personally belive his acting in this was even better then Pursuit of Happyness which is amazing in itself. He should have won this oscar, his acting was rediculous. And the idea of Will being outshined with any cast makes me laugh. I don't belive there is a man alive that could outshine Will. I must be seeing a different performance then you guys cuz the acting i see out of this guy deffinatly deserves an oscar!
  16. You guys have probably already talked about this but I never realised that Kanye mentions Will and Jaden in his song the Champion. Anyone else here that before?
  17. Wow 33 in its second weekend:O!! It does have legs:O!!! Ps. I think begger Vance is one of Wills best movies! I don't understand why so many of the people on this forum disagree. I thought his acting was amazing, the story was amazing, and it really spoke to me! I thought Will flexed his acting muscles quite well in that one! I mean he played an Angel and did it with flair!!:)
  18. Yeah, I think we can all agree that these are pretty horrible numbers. It's his what, second highest weekend opening? It clearly should have been his first. What's worse, it's only about 10 million more than his third highest weekend opening. He just barely beat that. 62 million in three days is pretty pathetic. Moreover, it didn't even get over 100 million in 5 days. Granted, they had a few showings on Tuesday night, and many of those who saw it that Tuesday would have likely seen it on Wednesday or one of the following days, but we should ignore those numbers, because, technically, it's not 5 days... This movie is officially a flop, I'm calling it. HAHA MaxFly love the sarcasim and agree 100% Hancock rocked the house:) and all the news people talk about is the estimated numbers so who cares:)!!! ps. 3Cookies Mike Epps calls him HANDJOB:) thats why it sounded weird;)
  19. Ye it doesnt seem to lose any of its value the second time... well in my opinion anyway, i guess the funny parts are obviously not as funny but I found that i appreciated the second half a lot more on the second and third runs:p! (spoilers ahead) I really appreciated that his charachter was able to fight back and ultimatly get back up after certain death due to his love for Charlizes charachter and his duty to protect the world... I also enjoyed that Berg threw in little hints to what was to come ie. Charlize being so shocked when she first sees will, him holding the Frankenstein tickets at his trailer alone, and above all when they are at the dinner table eating meatballs for the first time and jason batemen says Honey is the heat on when she is freaking out with the speghetti. That one i definatly never noticed until the third time:p... I mean i noticed the heat thing later in the film but did not know it was present that early (spoilers end) All in all i found that it has a lot of replay value and I can not wait to crank that on my sound system and watch some scenes in slow motion on blu-ray:)!! Congrats on another great film Will!!
  20. WOW!!! I was shocked today... after the 18 million friday I figured the 100 million mark was an impossible stat to hit but then out of nowhere 26 million on saturday:):):)!!!! WOW way to go will he does it again! what a champion! I have seen the film 3 times in theatres and I must say I thought it was AMAZING!!! I am so excited about this box office feat!
  21. He seemed like he was kidding when he said this!... probably was hoping for the win but i dont think he was to upset by the loss!
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