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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Man they absolutely decimated that performance!! The fact that they closed the show, with that insane lineup, it just makes me so happy to finally see them getting the respect they have always deserved. 

    Been combing through Twitter and the outpouring of love for JJFP is unbelievable. So incredibly happy to see it. I hope it fuels Will to do this more often and release some new music! 

  2. On 2017-09-08 at 2:57 PM, Nic61974 said:

    Hi everyone, 

    First and foremost, THANK YOU ALL for your continued support of JJFP. For those of you that got to come backstage and meet Jeff & Will, I think you felt there genuine appreciation for your continued support over the years. 

    Putting these shows together was no easy task. When you try and schedule shows for one of the busiest movie stars in the world to perform with one of the busiest DJ's in the world it is quite challenging to say the least. But we DID IT! 

    We are working on bringing the shows to other cities in Europe and to the US. It's just that pesky word - schedule - that seems to be the biggest obstacle. But don't fret! We are going to make more shows happen. And I promise, once I get confirmed dates I'll be sure to report in on the forum so you can all plan accordingly. 

    To you guys that I met in Blackpool - it was SO NICE TO FINALLY MEET! 

    To all the fans in cities we haven't visited yet, I look forward to meeting you all soon. 

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you! 


    Thank you for everything you do!!!! Watching snippets of these concerts online has been amazing, if I didn't have a baby on the way I would have flown to the shows, but the second there is a show anywhere in NA I promise that I will be there! Clearly there is a ton of demand and people have been loving the shows. Can't wait for my chance to finally see them live!!

  3. 19 minutes ago, Jazzy Julie said:

    The video is amazing! Makes me appreciate the song even more now. Plus more people can see what an incredible show JJFP can put on.

    its got mixed reviews but I'd still like Will to release it and see what happens. Whatever he does with it, we've got what we wanted, new music and even a video.

    Ya I can't stop watching!

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