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  1. Bad boys 2. "whats he? like the godfather or something?"
  2. http://www.dvdempire.com/exec/v5_category....94&sort=&page=1 for a fairly complete list of psp umd movies.
  3. Sweet. bad boys is coming to psp. meaning bad boys 2 is going to follow soon. sweet.
  4. Mine was Bad Boys. sonic 1988's quote is from Six Degrees of Seperation. here is one: "Sometimes I just be coughing for nothin'!"
  5. Ali "who done and whooped yo ass now?"
  6. i want the jacket he is wearing on the cover of lost and found
  7. wait, everything sounds sweet. but he didnt perform "tell me why". when is he going to release that??????
  8. Nope its ALI "You ever beat off in the shower, Brian? Ever have any homosexual thoughts?"
  9. For my people in the U.S. I robot is having a special edition DVD thats 2 discs. i remember complaining about U.K. getting the 2 disc edition, and now we are getting it too. May 24, 2005 is the release date for this product. for more info: click here
  10. Ali "once, it was a thursday." sorry if its a repeate.
  11. i know this will not happen but, Have Will do another Voice acting with director Michael Bay in upcoming: Transformers Movie!!!!!
  12. check it all. Seth green's new show "Robot chicken" has a porody of I Robot. http://www.adultswim.com/clips/robotchicken/ep07/index.html
  13. with out a doubt its gotta be Pump Ya Brakes
  14. will: "i thought i told you i'm fast, i'm slick, and i'm pretty. you know i mean you mohammad!!!!"
  15. thats bad boys right? if im right, you made me doubt myself! couse i thought it was ill bust yo ass too. so if im wrong correct me!!!
  16. could you put up the jazzy jeff version for a while? please!
  17. oh hail yea. :music: switch is also the second most downloaded song on it.
  18. mother's day special episode, where will gets his shoes bronzed or something i forgot the proper term. FPOBA, this should be really easy, but its great lines: I'm stuck in a basement, sittin' on a tricycle, girl gettin' on my nerves; Goin' outta my mind, I thought she was fine, don't know if her body is hers. :hilarious:
  19. does anyone else love the song "Pump ya breaks" as much as me. i mean it made me feel tottal old school. its JJFP+snoop dogg. you cant get too much better than that! jazzy on the wheels of steel, will on the mic and track featuring snoop dog. just old school to me.
  20. Oh My God those were beyond funny!!!! :hilarious:
  21. hey tim: how do you choose what to pin? couse this topic barely got any replies, but the one in movies about name that line has like 11 pages. i just was woundering how you choose the catagories. (whats the catagory, its folks you look up to, the 1000 dolllar answer is upon the board, uh who is a star, eeeh sorry no score.) sorry. when i said catagories it got stuck in my head.
  22. i already posted that one its legend of bagger vance. here one thats hopefully new:! "how the hell are cats gonna do this?" we have had so many its hard to know if certain lines have been used. so if its a repeate sorry. but here is what i think: Add FPOBA lines in as a new challenge. what you all think?
  23. why you guys being so negetive? instead of favirates and happy hitngs, its all about worst song, worst album, movie, or episode. i say lets focus on the positive and see the best in things.
  24. check it out: http://www.playrps.com/play.php you can play as so many characters including agent J. its pretty funny.
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