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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Hero1 in JAZZY JEFF AND FRESH PRINCE ARE BACK | 2 LIVE SHOWS   
    Wow. Sounds like we owe Jeff a huge thank you. 
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    Jazzy Julie reacted to Big Willie in So Will isn't doing anything right now..   
    A guy who's done countless charity and support work, has raised a family and held onto a poster marriage through everything, ignores rumours and still tries to uplift, all while trying to juggle 2 careers that for the most part, probably make both suffer. Works tirelessly but still makes sure the value of money is recognised and hasn't gone 'diva' about his riches since his bankruptcy. I would say Will Smith, of all celebrities, is one of very very few who DOESN'T take his career and life for granted. 
    He makes one decision to put his music career on hold to be an actor and y'all wanna have his head on a stick and parade it around Philly for how he 'let you down'. Granted, he mentions music all the time, he did say of a tour and album, but jeez, how many of us have had plans to do something then something you value higher, is more important or you just change your mind? And as for criticising him for going on holiday, I think y'all consider him some kind of robot and forget he's a human. 
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New music - caution in the wild   
    Btw love the little messages on the app. Woke up this morning and turned my iPad on to get a notification to say don't let plan b distract me from plan a. Nice way to start the day haha. 
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New music - caution in the wild   
    I thought this post was a joke because I didn't see his post on Facebook. This is amazing, it's what you guys have been saying all along, just put something out for the fans on YouTube or an app. I think he needs to give this forum credit for the idea lol.
    That song had to be for suicide squad, he says suicide a lot! I wonder if it just didn't make the cut, which sucks because from what I've heard the actual soundtrack is garbage.
    I've only heard the track once but I like it, has Will's vibe but sounds modern. I wish he was on it more too, bit like fiesta, but hey more to come. He hasnt made is app just for photos and videos. 
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from scyhigh99 in New Album, World Tour and Bad Boys III in 2016   
    I'd kind of accepted no more music a few years ago. If he wasn't going to do it, I wish he wouldn't of said anything. I thought it was 100% going to happen, now it's back to wishing and hoping. 
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from VIsqo in Movement on Bad Boys III   
    You guys are hilarious. I would laugh so hard if any of you are right. 
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from KevTastic in New Album, World Tour and Bad Boys III in 2016   
    Totally. Just take my money, take all of it, I'm in 100%. 
    Ive been properly thinking about this tour and it's really crazy. This is Wills first proper tour ever, and he's 47. Just a few years ago we thought he was totally done with music (apart from AJ, he never gave up hope haha). I was just pleading for one song, anything. But a full tour for the first time ever, one of the biggest movie stars ever is touring. I still can't believe it, we are so so lucky. 2016 could be the biggest year ever for us JJFP fans. I would say we've been patient these last 10 years but we haven't really haha, but this is so worth the wait.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in Vinyl Destination Spring Tour Announcement   
    So we had an awesome time at the weekend. We didnt quite know what the boiler room thing was, all we knew was that you needed to be on a guestlist to get in and Nicole had kindly got us 3 on it. I looked up the boiler room before we left and saw that it was some kind of web streaming. So i met Kev and Brakes at the station and Kev got his google maps out to try and find the place. Just as we got into the road it was on, we saw a white van and spotted some of the guys in the front seats and they waved at us. Next thing we know, the side door of the van swings open and Jeff, skillz and the rest of them are in the back.

    So we chatted to them for about 5 minutes about the tour etc. So then we got taken through some doors to what looked like some kind of abandoned warehouse. We got taken up the stairs and there was a huge room with antiques in there. Chairs, a carosel horse and some gymnastic equipment which the guys nearly tried out until someone told them they had to pay for it if they broke it. They took a few photos and chatted until we got taken into a small room about the size of someones living room. There must of only been about 20 of us tops including Jeffs crew, and as you could see we sat right behind the main man.

    Jeff was awesome as usual, like Tim said happy was amazing. We got to see everything up close, i could even see everything he was doing on his computer. Jeff played for an hour and then wrapped it up, we got out of the room before we got high from all the fumes........ we spoke to Jeff quickly again and then headed off.

    We had time to kill before the show so we had dinner than watched 4 episodes of fpoba in my hotel room haha! It was weird when Jeff appeared on the show after having seen him just hours earlier. So we got to scala just after 10pm when it opened and met up with Kevs friend Tim. Jeff thought he was on at 1am but we saw on here he wasnt due on until 2am. 2 guys from dilated peoples were on, they were ok but i thought they kinda lost the energy of the crowd towards the end, but then im just used to seeing Jeff who is the best ha. So by 1am, im dying and hoping Jeff comes on, but nope he came on at 2am. We stayed further back this time up behind a barrier, we just couldnt handle being down with the youngsters, plus we have seen him up close plenty of times so its nice to see him from a different view.

    Again Jeff was awesome, the crowd were so into it, he knows exactly what to play to get everyone going. It was similar to the last scala show but he added a few new ones into the mix. He did the usual were he has hip hop, RnB, motown, and then he throws odd stuff in like Toto and Phil Collins, but it works and the crowd went mental. Unfortunately Brakes had to leave at 3am to drive back to his to look after his son. Jeff finished at 4am, we just said bye and headed off home.

    Thanks so much to Nicole for getting us on 2 guestlist this time, not many people have had the experience of being sat directly behind the best DJ in the world, i really appreciate that you did this for us.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in DJ Jazzy Jeff Fall Tours   
    So Jeff did another great show last night. It was good to catch up with everyone and weird to have Kev, Brakes and Tim all in the same room. Jeff did a lot more of his old school hip hop this time, so it was completely different from the Jazz cafe. He mixed in a lot of modern stuff and i loved it when he put something obscure like Phil Collins in. The crowd was going mental, we were right at the front but i would just turn around sometimes to see the whole room jumping. Only negative thing was the set up of Plan B wasnt as good as the Jazz cafe because Skillz was just squished against a wall and couldnt move around like he would on stage. We could see Jeff up close though and see what he was doing which was amazing as usual.

    We didnt really get to catch up with Jeff afterwards, he was busy signing t shirts but we had a quick chat with Skillz and a few others. However as we speak i think the others are just finishing lunch with them, which sucks for me, but amazing for them. I cant wait to see the interview they have for him. Hopefully they will get some good gossip.

    Anyway, thats another show done, now just need to wait until Spring haha.

    The others have a few group shots of our little JJFP gang.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from VIsqo in After Earth Box Office   
    He can't win every single time, it must be hard to be expected to have a number 1 movie every time. I think this will be good for him though, it will push him bcoz i bet he hates to lose. Hes been a bit preoccupied with his kids careers the past few years. Maybe this will make him concentrate on his own a bit more.

    I feel so bad for him though bcoz its not a bad movie, it doesnt deserve to be labelled a flop. The critics have not helped at all with this and i cant help but think hes become so successful that people just want to bring him down now. He tried something different and unfourtunatly it didnt work.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in New UK Jeff Show April 2013   
    Sorry i was shattered last night so i crashed. Firstly i love that i look like i photobombed that pic with skillz. I wasnt quite ready to get in place and in my defense it was like 4.30am.

    So i'll tell you our little story because i like to keep the memory for myself too. So we heard that Jeff was gonna be on 1-3am so we were all ready for a long night, we are all getting close to 30 now and cant handle these late nights lol. Brakes and Kev were popping painkillers in McDonalds beforehand for bad backs etc. So first we went in a little club next to Scala for a quick drink, we all got searched and the bouncer found Kevs heatpack for his bad back lol, he looked at it for quite a while but then it kinda did look like a small slab of cocaine.

    So we went to Scala at about 10.30pm, got searched again, how dodgy are these clubs? Luckily the guestlist was all sorted and we got in for free! Thanx Tim and Nicole, saved us £18 :) We had a look at the setlist and saw that Jeff wasnt on until 2am, are they trying to kill us. We wernt in the club long until Burnadette (am i right in saying she is Darnells ex?) and her boyfriend came , they were both lovely. So at first we saw the nextmen, they were ok but didnt have a patch on Jeff. But while they were on i fought my way closer to the front (it sucks being 5"1). We also saw Tims cousins, i cant remember his name but he had a ponytail and glasses, he was talking about how i met your Aunty Tim and he was amazed that i had travelled so far to see Jeff lol.

    So Jeff and Skillz came on just after 2am, skillz noticed Brakes and Kev straight away and shook Brakes hand over the crowd. The set was amazing, i liked it so much more than the last time i saw him. He even started out with the harlem shake and the crowd went mental and i got squished. Like Brakes i also loved his little "I wanna rock" bit, it was such a shame he only included a tiny bit because what i saw was amazing. Both skillz and Jeff know exactly how to work a crowd.

    So after the show i was thinking we wouldnt get to go backstage because Darnell wasnt there, but Skillz came over and told us to come up the stairs. So i started to move and Skillz said "No just you two" just as my face dropped he suddenly realized and said "oh is she with you". So i got in there lol, to be fair ive only met them once a year ago, i dont expect them to remember me. So "backstage" was just at the side of the stage and Jeff recognized the guys straight away. I then got a hug from Jeff :) He didnt stay about for too long but it was past 4am and it was his third show of the night. Skillz stayed about for a while and chatted for a bit.

    We eventually left the club past 4.30am, tired was not the word. I had a great night though, nice to see the guys again and Jeff was amazing as usual. Heres my pic of me and Jeff.

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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in Jazzy Jeff @ Jazz Cafe   
    Im slightly hijacking this thread bcoz i dont wanna start a new one.

    Well on Sunday me, Kim and Paul (Kims boyfriend) met Tim. I decided as Tim is Australian it might be fun to take him to the chill factor which is an indoor ski place with real snow, he was hesitant at first but then agreed. Because skiing is way to hard we decided to go sledging (well i decided mostly bcoz everything else was booked up). I picked Tim up from his Aunties house and even met his Auntie, she was really sweet. Tim then had to put up with my driving and my dodgy sat nav that took us to a random dead end. We eventually got there and Tim looked worried haha. We ended up sledging with all these kids, it was great fun, apart from wearing jeans was a rookie mistake and i was soaking by the end of it as snow got into my pants. The only time Tim came off his sledge was when we were half way down the slope and some kids were walking across the bottom, despite my screams they didnt pay attention to us hurtling toward them, Tim saved the childrens lives by crashing himself into the netting at the side of us haha. We all came off the sledges as some point, usually crashing into each other or the netting.

    Afterwards we went to the trafford centre which is a big shopping mall. We ate at TGI Fridays which was nice and talked about Will and Jeff meetings, Australia, how Tim wants to live over here etc. We had a great time and no-one got injured. Again it was weird, it wasnt really like we had just met for the first time. Here are some pics of us at the trafford centre.

    10 years in the making!

    With Kim

    And Paul, apparently Paul looks like a tank here.

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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    I dont think ive got enough to do today, i might pop by a Justin Beiber forum and talk about how much a dislike him.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from VIsqo in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    I dont think ive got enough to do today, i might pop by a Justin Beiber forum and talk about how much a dislike him.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Typhoon20 in Will Smith is a f-cking scum bag! [VIDEO EVIDENCE]   
    Dude u have waaayyyy too much time on your hands.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in Jeff in London May 9th   
    I was just watching the videos ive taken and i didnt hear it at the time but ive caught it. Skillz says "Shout out to the Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince website crew". We got a shout out and i didnt even realise!
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in Jeff in London May 9th   
    The guys have let me do the honours of telling you the story. So me, Brakes, Kev and Kevs friend Mario met for pre-drinks at Kevs hostel, we made our way over to the Jazz cafe nice and early and we were sat having a chat on the sofas. Darnell came in and actually noticed Brakes before we even saw him. He came over to say hello and the guys introduced me. Everythig ive heard about Darnell is true, he really is the friendliest guy ever. He then bought us a round of drinks and told us we wernt allowed to nurse them, so we had to down them. We wernt so sure about this idea bcoz it was only 8pm and we had already been drinking since 6pm. I wanted to actually remember the show lol. Darnell then introduced us to a guy called DJ Badger and sat him down with us and told him we were like family lol. Darnell then had to leave for a bit and left us chatting with Badger.

    We made our way into the crowd about an hour later waiting for the show and we wernt sure if Darnell would find us or if we would even get to meet Jeff afterwards. So Jeff came up and started the show, he was amazing to say the least, the place was packed full and he had the whole crowd going. About an hour in i get tapped on the shoulder by Kev and i turn around and Darnell is there and grabs my hand and leads me to the stage. So there i was on stage stood next to Jeff taking pictures. Darnell said "you can film if you want" so i did, i was filming little bits and then i stopped for a bit. Darnell said "You want to film this bit", he was right, Jeff did Rock the bells and it was awesome seeing that up close!

    So i go back down and Darnell says "I'll make sure you meet him afterwards". A bit later on he gets Kev up, Skills even shouted "Its Kevtastic" to the crowd haha. So Kev filmed and took pictures too. Just as Jeff was playing summertime and finishing the show Darnell calls us up and takes us upstairs. Brakes then got to be a roadie and ended up carrying one of Jeffs cases. So we wait round for a load of other people to get Jeffs signature and we go in last. The guys made me go first and instead of sceaming i go all shy and starstruck and dont know what to say. So i told him he killed it and asked for a signature and picture. Kev then gives Jeff an England football club T Shirt with "The Magnificant 88" on the back.

    So we're all just chatting and Kev tells Jeff that Tim your planning on coming here pretty soon and Jeff seems excited about it. Darnell was telling Jeff how im from the site as well and that we've been members for ages. Its hard to remember everything coz it ends up all a blur but it was an amazing night. Heres some pictures, if they work.

    JJFP.com reprisent

    My lovely view

    Brakes with Jeff's case

    Kev and the T Shirt he gave him

    Me and Darnell

    My signed CD

    My pic with Jeff is on a weird setting on my camera by accident so i have to figure out how to upload that one. The others have pics of us all with Jeff so i'll let them post those ones.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Ale in Game Producer Working on T.I. & Will Smith Comeback Albums !   
    Jeff just posted this on facebook/twitter.

    Coming Soon!!!

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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Jin in Django Unchained   
    Come on guys, if he passes on it you dont know the reason why, u cant hate on him for it. It could be timing or they dont think hes right for the part, dont give up on him just bcoz of this project.
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    Jazzy Julie got a reaction from Jonasdk in Do you remember?   
    Yeah the Nokia was a really good one, so was the MTV base africa concert.

    Im trying to hold in this really old joke but i cant, i have to ask, hows the religion going Lerk?
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