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  1. I like the sound of this one, geeky fantasy stuff is so my thing. But yeah, don't know how he's gonna fit all these plans in. He will have to skip sleep.
  2. To be honest I expected it to be worse than that. I'm just glad the oscars is over and they will shut up about it. I think it has hurt Will's career, most people don't agree with him and Jada. Let's just hope they make some kind of change to the oscars so at least Will and Jada can say they at least achieved something out of this mess. But yeah im not gonna watch this years oscars, looked crap haha.
  3. I wonder how much he got paid for that story. And you go from skinny to massive by eating protein and lifting weights, not everyone uses steroids to achieve something.
  4. OMG confirmed dates, Will you cannot back out now. Hopefully out of those we will be able to get to at least on of them.
  5. It makes me laugh when they play Apache in the club. Half the crowd does the fresh prince dance, the other half doesn't know what the heck is going on.
  6. Every now and then you hear boom on the radio or in a club, does that not happen in the USA? It's a rap classic here haha.
  7. Haha I said boom them realised he wasn't solo then. I think it was number 1 her though.
  8. Oh Will don't support the Mancs.
  9. I feel so on edge until I have time booked off work and tickets in my hand. Cant wait for the show tonight, Graham Norton is always good.
  10. Well considering this person claims to know Will well enough to know he's gay, they obviously didn't know him well enough to know he has a really good relationship with his ex wife. I could never be a celebrity, Will and Jada are getting slaughtered in the press at the moment.
  11. Ah man, don't bad mouth Marley and Me, I cried so much at that movie haha.
  12. Whoops we never got round to organising anything. It's the thought that counts haha. Happy Birthday Jeff!
  13. I've literally planned for this. I've made sure I've got savings for potential travel, I'm wondering when to book holidays so I'm not out the country when they tour. I think I'm just gonna have to book stuff and not put things on hold.
  14. If you read this whole thread it's pretty funny. In 2008 some people felt a bit sorry for her. Then as you continue reading people have less time for her.
  15. I agree. He kind of said that in the video too. I don't think he would of spoken out about this at all if Jada hadn't. He also had to contradict himself a bit to stand by Jada. He said not too long ago that there was no racism in Hollywood but there was prejudice.
  16. Yeah he did really well clearing that up. A lot of people are still against him. They probably just read the headline "Will boycotts the oscars" and didn't listen to what he said. At the end of the day, no-one knows if the academy excluded people of colour deliberately. But I bet they make some changes next year. I think they need to start by having a more diverse board on deciding who's nominated. Then that's fair.
  17. If they couldn't tour then just don't mention it. Don't get my hopes up and pull out.
  18. Good on Jada, a respectful, sensible response. So much more class than Janet.
  19. This looks so awesome. Will seems to have a pretty big part too. It was trending on Twitter this morning and everyone was so excited, this ones gonna be big. Just at the right time too, Will really needs a good movie.
  20. This woman crawls out from under her rock once a year to slag Will off then crawls back under. A lot of people took notice this time unfortunately because it's a big topic. I honestly don't know what to think about the oscars and I'm not sure I'm in a position to say. If they genuinely chose the actors because they were the best and happen to be white then cool, but who knows if this is the case. I guess we won't ever know, unless your on that board no-one can say.
  21. I didn't realise Will started filming again. I guess that means the tour won't be this summer. I think maybe they got ahead of themselves when it came to timing.
  22. Yeah I'm dissapointed. I thought he had that in the bag. I've not seen the film yet because it's not out here but the whole things been a bit of a let down. Thank God for suicide squad.
  23. I bet Leo gets the Oscar too. People always say Leo always gets nominated but never wins but I think he's had the same amount of nominations as Will. Oh well keep trying (after the tour, album and blockbuster movie)
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