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  1. [quote=Prince,Apr 29 2004, 09:54 PM]I may be mistaken, but Just_like_Will is you, Wild Child.[/quote] Im so glad u said that prince bcoz i thought that too and thought i was going insane.
  2. ok lets stop this now, i think we will have 2 agree to disagree. Some ppl like him, some ppl hate him and thats the end of that.
  3. OMG im so jelous lol. im glad u had a good time tho.
  4. oh lol sorry i missd that, im so blind.
  5. u forgot 3cookies , shes gone too :tear: Da brakes is probably doing more strange adverts lol.
  6. i voted seperate just bcoz it might be slighty quicker. so u dont have to wait around 4 your partner to post. Maybe we can do another partner 1 next battle.
  7. My Ali has got a lot of extras , its got: the making of Ali behind the scenes cast and crew soundbites trailer I wonder if i have the new dvd then, if not i guess i will have to buy a new 1.
  8. Will gets quite a lot of airplay in the UK, freakin it got quite a lot and MTV base played both 1000 kisses and so fresh. If i can remmember right i think freakin it got 2 number 9 in the charts. i didnt mind the song that much, lyrically it was really good, but i think there were better songs from Willenium that could have been released. I think he can easily sell a lot of records over here with his new album (eventually).
  9. I think the fact that we havnt heard any more info on the album 4 a while now, might mean its gonna be later in the year, but at least we have the shark tale songs that will be out october ish and maybe even a song 4 I, Robot, so thats the only thing that keeps me going right now, coz im gonna explode too.
  10. ok the trick is to wait on ur own like a lemon 4 a while and then ppl c u and turn up, only now its really late and i need to go 2 bed.
  11. yeah i never go in there coz i can c ppl arnt in there, but a few ppl r online. It would b cool if we could start it up properly but there isnt enough ppl that come here. Ok im online the same time as u now, so i will go there now. and probably talk 2 myself like a nut.
  12. at least u have snow, i must have seen snow about 5 times in my life lol. Then its sunny 4 about 5 days a year and the rest its rains or its too cold. Ok im officially an old woman now im talking about the weather, and we where just saying how old we r getting, i think im 19 going on 80!!!
  13. im normally ok 2 post but i cant on tuesdays coz i work 12 hrs, but it always turns out that i need 2 post on that day lol. I think especially with the voting that can be a lot quicker bcoz it only takes a couple of minutes 2 post 4 that. Just post the rules up and if ppl dont follow them show no mercy and disqualify them, and that includes me lol.
  14. yeah i thought he said dog mess. we need one of those polls lol, dog mess or darkness?????????
  15. Ive always wanted to live in the USA, i really was planning too when i was younger, but then i realised ive got too much 2 leave behind. I wouldnt know any1 over there and my job is too different in the USA. When i ve got enough money im gonna visit loads, ive got all my holidays planned out, it would be nice 2 get away from this stupid British rain lol.
  16. yeah we had a few discussions, i think it was on the old board about who is a christian and who isnt. I dont think we should go down that road again coz it went on forever.
  17. haha i was just gonna write how grounded Will was with buying crew coffee and apoliogizing to that women, then i read about his trailer. How do get a gym in a trailer???? Isnt that the one that was on MTV making the video for nod ya head?
  18. yeah Aj i would pay u thru the mail, whenever i order it from amazon its the wrong CD! i would hav 2 give u extra for post and packaging coz that CD has a long way to travel. I can pay u by credit card but im not sure how i would go about it.
  19. there are some new pics of Will at www.gettyimages.com , he is in London right now with Jada bcoz Britney starts her tour off 2night. Now i really really really wish i had gone 2 c Britney, coz Will, will probably go and c Jada perform, i wonder if he likes Britney too....................... lol :biggrin:
  20. [quote=Hero1,Apr 26 2004, 05:48 AM]man im so sick and tired of eminem [/quote] I'll second that. I think there is far too much violence in this world as it is. I drive to work in the morning and hear on the radio about Iraq and all the crazy stuff thats going on, i get to work and i c all the animals that are being mistreated, i hear about all the crime in my neighbourhood. But i dont wanna hear about that stuff anymore when im relaxin. Its nice 2 put my music on and get away from the world. Im gettin a bit off topic now but i dont think there is any need 4 violence in music. Will is one of the few rappers that doesnt do that, so its hard 2 c him produce somethin that he obviously doesnt believe in. I know hes not rappin in it, but he is still involved. Plus Will needs to work on his own music not on all that trash.
  21. i got the supernova CD, its really good, she even does a song with 2pac which is weirdand there is a song about death at the end. I didnt even hear when it came out in the UK, thats how bad the promotion was! I cant believe its been 2 years, i remmember i was so upset when she died and my friends where like "who is she", then she only got 2 page 30 or something in the paper. Ppl forget too easily, its true what u said big ted she died too soon and could have made an even bigger impact on hip hop. :peace:
  22. hhmmm not sure bcoz some ppl cant post as soon as its up due 2 work or school and stuff. I know i will be really busy these next few months so i dont know if i should take part. I think the voting could happen a lot faster, im not sure how we can do that tho.
  23. ok my worst nightmare is coming true. Surely Will wouldnt produce something than has profanity etc in it. Would he??????????
  24. When MJ is in a list of bad songs u realise the list isnt very good. There are a lot of great songs in there, but there are also some really wack ones. Wot was number 1?
  25. i managed 2 get a lot of them, i already have holla back from this website, but i managed 2 get get hyped, from da south, higher baby, dance or die, family christmas,and i already have lovely daze. i spent about £26 inclding p and p (i think thats about $50). So i did quite well but i will keep looking out 4 them, that was just off amazon so i will try ebay later. If any1 else is after those tracks there are still some other available from amazon.
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