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  1. Thanx! I will welcome any new TLC song. I like it, sounds very typical of them. Is this newly recorded?
  2. I went to see it again tonight and the cinema was packed, way way more people than last week. Its a late bloomer :) Best part was at the end my friend pulled a funny face and said "Where is the Will Smith track?"
  3. I love Hitch too but i wouldnt want to see a sequel, ID4 is one of Will's best films but a sequel to that would be awful. MIB and Bad Boys are the only things i think can work as sequels.
  4. Who where the chinese bad guys? The main bad guy was white, there were a couple of chinese aliens in the restaurant, but there was also a black guy alien. So do are bad guys only allowed to be black or white now? lol.
  5. Numbers mean nothing to me, is this doing well?
  6. OH HELL YES! I was just thinking to myself that they should release MIB in 3D but this is an even better idea. I went to see titanic in 3D and i have never seen such big queues at the cinema before, i hope that happens for ID4
  7. OMG.. she doesn't only know his name.. she also knows he's gay! OMG.. she doesn't only know his name.. she also knows he's gay! Hahaha Ale you know that I wanna say guy not gay but I was in hurry so I type it wrong .I don't know why I even wrote that it's Harry's daughter it's so irrelevant .Ok,I get it from all your messages I will shut up from now on . hahahaha at this whole convo!
  8. Oh wow thats Will's pool, i recognize the trampoline in the background. (i just wanted to join in on your freaky knowing too much game).
  9. lol wow ive been following Will since 99 and i have never seen this girl before. Im onto you, you know too much!
  10. Im going again on Friday bcoz my friend wants to see it. This is a first for me i have never seen a movie in the cinema twice, thats just how much i liked it. Im def going for 3D again bcoz unless i win the lottery and a buy a 3D tv im not going to see it again in 3D. I can watch it in 2D all i want on DVD.
  11. I'd like to show Will how much i love and respect him too but i dont think Jada would be too pleased about that. Will shouldnt say sorry IMO, the guy is an ass.
  12. Slapping the reporter was not awkward, it was great. A lot of those things on the list arnt awkward, they are supposed to be funny.
  13. Woah is this from last week? Its like hes drunk, but i like it haha.
  14. Seems like a love it or hate it movie. I did not see the ending coming and that bit really made the film for me. I guess it all depends on your sense of humour too coz i thought it was really funny. I like all the films Barry Sonnenfield has done so i guess im on the same level as him.
  15. Oh yeah i forgot about the graffiti scene, it did get cut. Weird how they would choose it for a trailer then cut it. It will be in the DVD, something else to look forward too.
  16. If it ends up being a flop its a damn shame, its such a great movie. Lets hope word of mouth goes around, im gonna tell all my friends to go and see it for sure and i dont do that with all Will films.
  17. No i get it, if its not pulling in numbers in other countries its not the weather. But i expect the UK to be even worse than everywhere else. Your Australian, you wouldnt understand the phenominan thats going on here right now lol.
  18. Amazing! Im one of the few members that liked MIB2, but MIB3 was far better! Its so hard to compare it with 1, 1 was so special bcoz it was such an original movie. I thought the 3D was great, but im a bit of a 3D freak, the film in general looked great visually. I was laughing a lot, but i guess my sense of humour is kinda lame, i saw the Frank the pug bits, i dont know if anyone else did in the cinema but there was no laughter and i actually had to stifle mine for a bit so i didnt look dumb. Everything they said about Josh was right, you forget hes not Tommy. It was a bit of a worry when i heard Tommy wasnt in it so much, but they totally pulled it off. The ending was fantastic, a woah moment and lets just say im glad i had 3D glasses on bcoz i actually cried at an MIB movie. I almost cried as much as when Sam the dog died in Legend lol. If we're scoring i give it a 9/10.
  19. The cinema i went to was really quiet. However the UK is having an unexpected heatwave after a month of rainfall. You have to be crazy to be going the cinema this weekend. It really wouldnt surprise me if the UK's opening weekend is lower than other countries. Im not exagerating how much people are enjoying the sunshine. Bad luck to MIB to open right now lol.
  20. lol shes got a Freddie Kruger t shirt on. Has she been listening to nightmare on my street.
  21. hahaha how random is that. Will is practically humping the piano.
  22. lol i said i was surprised we hadnt heard from him, i guess his reaction was a bit delayed, kinda like when Will hit him.
  23. Did he say himself that he regrets it or did it just sound like he regrets it? I wish i could get the audio or a quote bcoz its hard to remmeber, the reporter started out by saying "Will regrets not making the soundtrack" then when Will was talking he was saying he thought about it a lot. He didnt say the words regret but he sounded like he did.
  24. Come on man, you dont know whos reading this site. I dont like her hair but apart from that shes a cute kid, leave her alone.
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