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  1. Thanx, im just getting into instagram, i only follow Jeff so i'll have a look at the others.
  2. eep 2moro night! I wanna ask him about this thing he was so excited about on facebook the other night, the back of my mind im thinking Will but i very much doubt it.
  3. I don't think anyone else knows about this "feud" if you can call it that, apart from us. I dont think her slagging Will off for years is going to make much of a difference ti his kids.
  4. Ok im sorted, im in a hotel on Argyle square which is within walking distance from the club and Kings cross station. Im arriving at 7pm in Euston which is one stop away from Kings cross. I then leave at 1pm from Euston. I will never understand train tickets, sometimes they are so expensive but this time i got them really cheap. No idea why but im not complaining.
  5. What time are you guys leaving on Sunday, im booking my train tickets 2moro and wanna know what time to leave. Are you going late morning or do u have time to hang out for a bit on Sunday?
  6. lol i was gonna make a post actually saying if Will was here a month later he would probably be at the Jeff show. Cant we just hold him here for a bit longer.
  7. This does look pretty awesome, its just the type of film i like. Its gonna be a hit for sure!
  8. Oh man im so excited for this, im following Chilli and T Boz on twitter and TLC tour and official TLC on facebook just to make sure i dont miss anything. Ive been waiting for this since i was 15, im getting on that front row. Ive never heard that rainbow track before, thanx AJ!
  9. Thanx Kev, i'll check that out. As long as i have a bed im ok with it. Are tickets for the show on sale yet?
  10. Brakes dont set your wife onto me! Urgh im gonna see what hotels i can get, i wouldnt mind a hostel with a friend but i dont wanna stay in there on my own with some weirdo. Do u guys have tickets to the show yet? So far i have nothing.
  11. I like this one a lot more than his last few, hes not doing that half asleep style. Hes actually pretty good when he gets into it!
  12. Ok that makes me feel better. As per usual, the press got it all wrong.
  13. Yeah i'll have to stay at a hotel, i'll try and find somewhere nearby, it needs to be cheap but not a hostel. We can try and stay in the same hotel if you want, obviously not in the same room, i dont want your wife coming after me.
  14. hmm Jaden put on his twitter last night "I just gave Justin his cartier then went home". I guess hes saying he never tried to get into the club, those pics are all of him getting attacked by fans, no pictures of security. Who knows it could be the media trying to make something out of nothing or Jaden is being a bit naughty. Surely he had a minder with him, wouldnt they stop this?
  15. Yeah i used to really like Kanye, i agree it was his first 3 albums that were good, then i really didnt like the others. He was always a bit of an ass but he got away with it in my eyes because he was talented, now hes just annoying. To be honest though, if Will does work with him i'll be happy. Even after all ive said about Kanye, hes the best of a bad bunch of rappers these days. If Kayne somehow inspires Will to get back in the studio i applaud him!
  16. I really hope Jaden wasnt in a night club at 14 urgh! Im hearing things that he got hurt too or something. I get that Jaden is really mature for his age but he needs to stop hanging round with 19 year olds.
  17. hahaha they are so into it. That guy at 1.40 is off his face on something. And Will is doing the switch dance at 4.00 lol.
  18. That article does look good, im not getting my hopes up too much but it could happen. Im wondering with Will hanging with that other latin star, he might be trying to find a new sound out there. He did that with born to reign, im wondering if he went to Rio to find inspiration. Yeah im thinking too hard about this arnt i.
  19. It was from about 6 months ago or something, i really liked LA Reid too but he didnt come across too well in the show. The group left the show like the week after this or something, they were actually ok they just couldnt seem to find their sound.
  20. lol i remember watching this, i didnt like their version that much, they changed it too much in my opinion, i know they need to make it their own but the original is far better. I remember i had it in for LA Reid after this.
  21. Oh man, ok im coming but this date had better not change. Im off that weekend so at least it means no messing around with days off at work. Put me down as a yes.
  22. The sun says a lot of things, probably 10% of what that paper says is true. You never know they may have it right but its more likely that they have seen the same pictures we have seen and tried to make it into a story.
  23. I know theres a lot of hate for Kanye and he does act the fool, but i'd really like to see them work together. Does anyone know why Will is there? Looks like just sightseeing.
  24. Wow hes hanging round on that balcony a lot huh lol.
  25. Woah first the higher baby video, now this, what a great day hahaha!
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