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  1. lol. But thanks to e-bay;amazon, you'll get them a little bit earlyer :thumb:
  2. It just says that they have created a new website where you can get all the latest info about Will. They have created it beacuse of the comin out of Will's new single Kinda about that. I dont speak Spanish but Portuguease is kinda the same.
  3. Welll i guess it wont take much long to get 500 members. but unfortunatly only a very low percentage of them are regular poster. Please ppl try to express yourself a little bit more. :bowdown:
  4. + :dj: = SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!! NO? lMAO!!! don't forget :dancingcool: ,and :bounce:, and :music:
  5. Thats great and i guess as far as the news is just spreading out (For ordinary people) there will soon be much more ppl visiting and hopefully posting activly
  6. :ditto: :switch: :ditto: same here! :ditto: switch :switch: :switch: :switch: heyyyyyyaaaayyy True dat! This is the best song I heard in a while from any mc, it got a lot of energy! :thumb: :ali: What else :dj: :rock:
  7. just find out who releases interscope in germany and ask them
  8. thanks man you are the best :dj: :thumb: :rock:
  9. :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:
  10. A Perfect Circle - What's going on just chillin'
  11. :werd: a little bit credit at least would not harm anyone Tim 4 president :thumb: :kekeke:
  12. do we have to solve part 2a and part 2b separatly and then put them together, or do they mix from the beginig?
  13. naa, her car is till in good shape. it nneded to be all messes up to get into the show lol :kekeke:
  14. ive tried that to, but i doubt that it could be so "easy" weel ill triy figure oout how part 2a mixes with 2b but "I watch NY" could be something :dunno: :nhawong:
  15. Thanks da brakes. im lookin forward to see it
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