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  1. Well thats right.. I wouldn't even bother chasing one. If they've succeeded in making a great movie, I'll be happy.

    well it's kinda the only thing missing in his career, and as a personal goal i think an Oscar is of great importance... nevertheless making a great movie is always rewarding...

  2. especially girls that liked me and never told me, got me sittin' here lonely


    and you find out that liked you when you liked them but none of you guys did anything!!! that sucks i dont know if thats the case but it happened to both me and my friend.

    but overrall great rhyme as usual, good content. it rings true


    yeah that is the worst thing to happen.

    when you only find out they liked you when it's too late....you'll keep up wondering what it would be like and that's what kills you...

    great rhymes... :thumbsup:

  3. The ppl at IMDb have a lot of location info about I am Legend.

    check it out. IMDB

    They have a lot of dates and locations where they are shooting the movie. So you NY ppl go out and search for Will.

    There is also one user who put out a video on youtube where Will is in the middle of the audience saying "Hi" to the ppl and shaking hands...


    they have real good info abou the current locations...

    It must be great to live in NY right now...

    i'm so jelaous.... :paperbag:

  4. 500, 000 dear god.. if i'm still doin this site when we hit 500, 000 i may have to kill myself :lolsign: :lolsign:

    well we are doing 50.000 posts a year, so by that i would say that in about 9 years well have to say goodbye. :lol:

    just kiddin'

    hope to have you with us for plenty of more years...

  5. I'm thinkin' the new album will continue the lyrical focus of Lost + Found. The dope thing about L+F is that every single lyric has a purpose. Most commerical rap albums have 1 or 2 good bars here and there (if that). But L+FP is rare becuz every lyric is dope...whether it's deep, funny, or whatever. I bet his next album is gonna have that strong lyrical focus. Unlike L+F, i think the production will be stronger and have more of a range. L+F has some different flavas and all the production is good...but not all of it is great. I think that there might be some more mainstream sounding stuff..and i'm really hoping for 1 or 2 R-N-B flava'd songs. I'm sure Jazzy will be somewhere in the mix...tho' i hope he'll be all over it.

    I hope that the JJ+FP album would fall in2 place b4 FP's next solo record.

    The JJFP album could be released independently for the hip-hop heads with Jazzy producing about 80% of the album(Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, and Teddy Riley could get one track each) and the FP solo album could be released on Interscope for the commercial fans(the popular names like Timbo, Swizz Beats, Will.I.Am, and Neptunes doing all the production), that'd be the best way to do it, the way things are looking right now though FP being involved in an album in the near future looks uncertain but in the meantime we know one thing for certain, at least we got Jazzy's "Hip-Hop Forever 3" coming out tomorrow and "Return Of The Magnificent" to look forward to in the near future

    :yeahthat: :iagree:

    That are some really good ideas :thumbsup:

  6. ummm.....I think I voted for you. I clicked your picture, and then the rectangle box. Was that right? I honestly don't know due to the fact that the website isn't in english.

    EDIT: can you put the mixtape on yousendit.com, when I started to download it, my comp started bugging out and a billion popups came up. It was weird.


    just voted...

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