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  1. Can you or anyone else out there tell me what the length (time-wise) of the song "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" was on the Rock The House album. None of the regular websites I visit to look up song length times seem to know the length of the song "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" on the Rock The House album (the album that song first appeared on). I am interested in knowing this because I collect 80s music and I have a personal 80s compilation cd collection of 156 cds of nothing but 80s music. In this collection, I only have original album versions of songs in it and not edited versions or remix or extended versions. I want to make sure the version of "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble" I have on my computer is the original full-length album version of that song and not an edited version. To answer the original topic of this forum, I don't have any of their albums. I mainly buy various artists/compilation-type cds and rarely by cds by single artists/groups.
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