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    Mixing - currently I use MixMeister Studio 7 - the most amazing software tool!<br /><br />Previously I have been a Mobile, Club, and Radio DJ.<br /><br />Other than that, most of my time is spent with my Family!

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  1. S & J, Thanks for the welcome - you know how to make a fella seem right at home! R.
  2. Ok, first post from yours truly, and this seems a goood place to start! Summertime, brings back some really good memories of DJ'ing outside (rare in the English weather )at BBQ's. Also it features heavily in 2 of my most recent "swingin back to the 90's mixes which recently aired over at beatmixing.com on the station I host there, Selector's Choice). Other than that the B-side of Parent's... in the UK was Live at Union Square - just loove JJ cutting up and transforming Got To Be Real - inspirational for me! R
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