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    Cyrano got a reaction from Ale in Review:DJ JAZZY JEFF 3rd OCTOBER IN MADRID-JOY ESLAVA   
    Hi,everybody!I was one of the lucky ones who saw JJ's show 2 days ago.It was AMAZING!!At the beginning,some technical difficulties happened and even the show was stopped about 6 minutes(Jeff's face=poker face)but then JJ was on fire!!Almost 2 hours scratching and making us bouncing with themes like I GET AROUND(2Pac),ABC(Jacksons 5),JUICY(Biggie Small),JUMP AROUND(House of pain),IN DA CLUB(50cent),OPP(Naughty by nature),UMBRELLA(Rihanna),CRAZY IN LOVE(Beyoncé),BUFFALO SOLDIER(Bob Marley),WHAT'S MY NAME(Snoop) and many others.THE WORST:the organization.It was messy and awful.They didn't know the icon that is JJ.THE BEST:obviously,JJ,as a professional(even during the 6 minutes that the show was stopped and the people was whistling,Jeff was on the stage trying to help the technicians) and as a DJ(when it sounded Will's words THE CHAMP IS HERE several times over 50 cents' IN DA CLUB,I almost cry!)...the magnificent Jazzy Jeff on the wheels of steel!!
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