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  1. hihi, yes it IS a compliment. An indirect compliment, but a compliment none the less.
  2. I think its odd how some people here react to this quote. AJ, even IF this ment T.I is uneducated (Wich he probably is, I wouldnt know) how is that funny? at all? And remember this is coming from a man who actually sat down and had a conversation with Will, something I doubt most of you that are trying to speak for will, have done. I dont think that uhm "the n word" can ever be used in a positive way, even if black people use it, because language is a powerfull thing. But im not going to judge them for using it, and I dont really think you should either, thank you, kiss on your eye
  3. Because of the overall feeling of world right now I expect it and hope it to be most like Big Willie style. I believe people are getting sort of sick of all the dark music that we had for a while now. Everywhere I keep hearing people say how much BWS kicked ass lately.
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