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  1. Sweet,I needed Enemy of The State and Six Deggrees of Seperration,thanks cookies.I just bought them now!
  2. Lets see.... So Fresh Summertime Ring My Bell 1000 Kisses I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
  3. Lol :lolsign: Want to start one?
  4. Lorretta,I'm sorry but you were stalking Will and that ain't good...(sigh) Dope song,great track,nice beat,powerfully written!
  5. Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger
  6. Leave no man or woman behind,prepare for battle!! :pony: ...I think we won....
  7. Have a good New Year's Eve,people,and Happy Aniversary Will and Jada :jada: . :yeah: :party:
  8. When I think... none of 50 cent's biggest fans have the intelligence to run a podcast.. :rofl: :lolsign:
  9. Will needs to take a year or two off so he and Jeff can acually make another cd.I've been missing their old music a lot...don't get me wrong Will's and Jeff's solo abulms are great but,I'd just like to see them making another abulm...
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