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  1. Just bought and downloaded it from amazon, too. Now I'm hyped to see what else is in the pipe. Still can't believe that the day has finally come! :D

    After listening to the song a few times I have to say it's growing on me more and more, even though it's not exactly what I expected. Or especially because it's unexpected. I really really like the fact that it's a song about party and having a good time, it's got the right flow.

  2. Just when I was at a point where I lost all hopes for new JJFP music...

    If this is really happening, and it sounds more than promising to me this time, it will be just great!

    Almost 10 years... can't believe that it's been this long.

    Can't wait for it! I feel like a little child on christmas right now! :D

    It really seems to be happening, my friends :)

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