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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to the magnificent in Just met Jazzy Jeff at The Simple Things festival   
    Crazy set from jeff again old skool hip hop blended with 80's and 90's pop (michael jackson etc) managed to go backstage and meet him and skillz for the first time! Bit of a blurr!
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Your Favorite DJ's Favorite DJs - DJ Baby Yu   
    If you like BIGGIE, Jeff knows you'll love DJ Baby Yu's mix!

    Download and stream from here:


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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Jazzy Jeff & Black Thought + brand new interviews   
    That BET interview was really great. I totally enjoyed it!
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Amiracle - "Cocky Doe" - Music Video   
    HI everyone,
    We thought we'd give you a sneak peak of Jeff's son Amir's new song/video. Hope you like it!


    To download the song click here:

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in BLACK Actress | Episode 1 - Feat. Tatyana Ali   
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in DJ Jazzy Jeff Fall Tours   
    Hi everyone,
    Can you please send me your pictures you took at either the show or the lunch? I'd like to put them up on Jeff's site/FB, with your permission of course. You can send them to nicole@djjazzyjeff.com

    So Jeff had such a nice time talking with you all. He was blown away at the thought that went into the questions and a handful of them actually make him really sit and think. One question in particular blew him away. In fact, he said it may have been the best questions he's ever been asked.

    "What would 2013 Jeff say to 1986 Jeff" really got him. I'm excited to see how he answered it.
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to VIsqo in JJFP.com Questions for Jeff   
    Any plans of a collabo with Will in the near future?
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Will Smith rapping on the set of 'Focus'!   
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Vinyl Destination: Episode 12   
    DJ Jazzy Jeff is back in the States and the party continues. Jeff starts out in Vegas then heads straight to Detroit to warm up the crowd for Jill Scott's Summer Block Party show. The next stop is LA for a day off, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and a (not quite) DJ battle with Skillz and DJ Spinone. The crew routes back to Vegas for an exhausting run of three shows and a TV appearance in two days, but will Jeff be able to stay up?
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Vinyl Destination: Episode 14   
    From Jeff's Facebook: Good Morning, Here is the latest episode of Vinyl Destination. Check out the summary below. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew cross the Atlantic again in episode 14 of Vinyl Destination. First stop is Madrid, Spain, where Skillz declares his true calling as a DJ. But the guys are not convinced. The tour continues in Biel, Leeds, Middlesborough, and Warwick. Their final stop is Berlin where Jeff pays a visit to the headquarters of Native Instruments and Abelton before tearing down the tables at Tube Station. Episode 14 features an appearance from Red Man, a story about an NBA Hall of Famer, and a cake that leaves the guys scratching their heads.
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Hero1 in JJFP on the Queen Latifah show   
    Don't know if this was posted but I haven't seen it.

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Summertime 'The Mixtape' Vol 4   
    From Jeff's Twitter: Damn...what am I gonna do all summer?? Summertime Mixtape Pt 4 by @djjazzyjeff215 & @iamMICK Coming July 4th
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in VIDEO: David Hasselhoff stars in supercut video singing the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song   
    This is just so great.. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/video-david-hasselhoff-stars-supercut-2670379
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Hero1 in Jazzy Jeff on new Slum Village album   
    Evolution is the long-anticipated new Slum Village album, featuring founding member T3 along with Young RJ and Illa J.

    Slum Village was founded in the early 90s by three childhood friends: Baatin, T3, and rapper and producer J Dilla, who all grew up together in the Conant Gardens neighborhood of Detroit, MI. After leaving Pershing High School, the trio began to forge a path into the Detroit underground hip hop scene and quickly found themselves steadily gaining popularity, where they originally went by the name Ssenepod.

    Even though the group has suffered many heartaches and member changes over the years, Slum Village always finds a way to reinvent its brand. The Evolution of Slum Village continues with a reinvigorated energy, as founding member T3 holds down the legacy along with the Grammy-nominated producer Young RJ as well as young prodigy Illa J at his side. Evolution also includes the talents and skills of Havoc(of Mobb Deep), Raheem Devaughn, Jazzy Jeff and Rapper Big Pooh, amongst others.

    TRACK LISTING 1. Braveheart (feat. Havoc (Mobb Deep)) 2. Rock Rock (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff) 3. Let It Go (feat. Blu) 4. Forever 5. Scared Money (feat. Early Mac) 6. Summer Breeze 7. The Line (feat. Focus) 8. Hustle (feat. Vice / J Ivy) 9. Bout That (feat. Joetka) 10. 1 Nite (feat. Vice ) 11. Greatness (feat. Joetka) 12. Riot (feat. Rapper Big Pooh / Joe Scudda)

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in YFDJFDJ   
    Hey everyone,

    Here is it ... Jeff's next pick for Your Favorite DJ's Favorite DeeJays:


    Next up in DJ Jazzy Jeff's Your Favorite DJ's Favorite DeeJay's campaign is (DJ) Skratch Bastid. His master mix Satisfaction Guaranteed is one of Jeff's favorite mixes originally released in 2008. Check out the summary below.

    Your Favorite DJ's Favorite DeeJay's

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Vinyl Destination :: Episode 16 :: $33,000 for a Cell Phone Bill?!?!?!   
    Here it is ... episode 16. Can you imagine what was going through Jeff's mind when they said his bill was $33,000?

    Click here to watch episode 16.

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Ale in Vinyl Destination: Episode 18   
    Vinyl Destination ep. 18 In this episode of Vinyl Destination, the crew continues to truck through Canada making a stop in Oakville. Before taking a three day journey through the wilderness to Saskatoon, Jeff and his team take us along for a true road tour stock up. Tour folks take note! While in Winnipeg, the guys try their hand at doing laundry. How many guys does it take to do one load? Tune in to find out! Don't miss the season finale of Vinyl Destination, airing on September 17th! Thank You,
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Hero1 in Jazzy Jeff & Black Thought + brand new interviews   
    Jazzy Jeff & Black Thought on Jimmy Fallon:

    Great interview on BET:


    Jeff on the rise of EDM:

    Jazzy Jeff Interview at Complex Mag:


    Cool interview from the UK:


    Timeout Mag
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to KevTastic in Sample This   
    Anyone heard much about this documentary. Looks like an interesting story to tell on The Incredible Bongo Bands version of Apache.

    Most of you will recognise the Sugarhill Gang version, some may even know the Shadows '60s recording. But this version is Hip Hop's National Anthem. I hope this comes out on DVD in the UK

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Hey Europe! Going to a DJ Jazzy Jeff show?   
    If you're attending one of the DJ Jazzy Jeff shows, please see Steve (Jeff's tour manager) to get a photo with Jeff. I'd love for you to post your photos here so I can then compile them and have them posted to Jeff's website and social media sites. Steve will be more than happy to facilitate photos with JJ+FP fan club members!

    And be sure to say hello to our camera guy Cris! You may just make it into the next season of Vinyl Destination !
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in DJ Jazzy Jeff Fall Tours   
    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to keep you posted on JEff's touring schedule:

    Jeff will be on tour in Europe from October 2 - 19.
    So far we have shows in Dusseldorf, Annecy, France, Sheffield, Leeds, and Bristol.

    Also, he will be in tour in Canada Oct 30 - Nov 16. (Nov 4 - 10 he's in Toronto for the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals)

    Lastly, we are planning an Asian tour in December.

    As soon as I have more confirmed dates I will let you know!

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Vinyl Destination :: Episode 13 :: Celebrations and DJ AM   
    DJ Jazzy Jeff is back in his hometown of Philadelphia for the 13th installment of Vinyl Destination. This episode kicks off with Jeff jamming with The Roots, Queen Latifah, Common and many more at last year's July 4th celebrations. Nearing the anniversary death of DJ AM, Jeff takes a moment to remember his friend and fellow turntablist at Dusk Atlantic City where AM once resided. Expect to see rehearsals with musical icons, Jeff's fun facts about Philadelphia, and a remembrance to his dear friend DJ AM in this episode of Vinyl Destination

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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in Behind the scenes - Vinyl Destination   
    Hi everyone,
    DJ Ferno is chronicling the Vinyl Destination tour on his website www.djferno.com
    He's got some pretty cool photos for a behind the scenes look from the tour.
    Take a look if you have a minute!
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to bigted in JJFP NBA Fantasy 2013-14?   
    It's only about a week until the NBA season so are we gonna do a fantasy league again? I'll be down to do one if y'all are interested
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    Ydfer3jjaj reacted to Nic61974 in DJ Jazzy Jeff & Z-Trip "What's In My Bag?"   
    Hi everyone,
    Here's a segment did in the spring for Amoeba Music in LA, called 'What's In My Bag?'.

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