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  1. i don't like the word personally, but at the same time, it's our own fault for making it associated with black people. a ni**er is a lazy person, according to the dictionary. just like a "fag" is just a bundle of sticks (or in the UK, it's a cigarette".. i'm gay, and i don't get offended when people call me a fag, i just laugh at their ignorance because they don't actually know what they're calling me. likeomgz i'm a cigarette! let me go throw a pity party for myself. waaaaaah! whatever. people who get offended by name calling need to stop and consider the source. what does it matter? fag? nigger? chink? you know what a chink is? it's a tangle in a chain of some sort. like when your necklace gets knotted in itself. that's a chink. we're raised to think these words are horrible, dirty, despicable words, and that's why we react the way we do to them. if you brought your kid up to think that "chair" was a horrible thing, he'd think that all his life. he'd call someone a chair when he got angry. it's all in how we're raised and what we're taught. but things like nigger/nigga, chink fag, guinea, mick.. (the last three of which i am).. they mean nothing. they're just words, they can't hurt anyone. sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. especially if they're from someone that i don't even know. take that into consideration, s'all i'm saying.
  2. thanks! and yes, very illegal. you can't sell burned cd's.. unless you sell it in like, your journal in a friends only entry or something, where no one will rat you out. but you can get in major trouble for selling burned cds, even mixed ones. they consider it "pirated" music. damn music industry. blah. :protest:
  3. hey, on this topic, i have a question.. what is the song/band from the episode when carlton rents out their livingroom to film a music video? i really like the sound of that song and i can't seem to find it anywhere. the best of the lyrics i can come up with is something to the effect of "no one really knows it but to me you just can't show it" HELP! :help: :bangcomp: i believe it's En Vogue - Back to Life, Back to Reality...
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