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  1. Yes I am. I've already bought tickets for the manchester warehouse project as it was advertised with jeff playing (and got 4 friends joining me). Only to get a little suspicious with it not being listed on his website. I was all set to travel down to London for the Friday gig until it got switched like you say. It's also taken me an age to get access to this forum (struggled to get it to accept my hotmail in the registration). What a nightmare!
  2. Does anyone have any further about the Warwick st.bar gig? I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to get to see JJ! I've tried calling the number listed on their website. Main number - they had no clue "this guy is asking about dj jazzy something, try calling the mobile number listed on the site" (number doesn't work!) I'm a bit worried I'm going to drive nearly two hours and not get in!
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