Ok, so I've been on here almost a month. I'm an undergrad at a major university. And I see this forum does allow to be somewhat off-topic, so bear with me please. Alright, so I get my hands on any new Hip-hop music as quick as possible. Usually I'm hyped, like I was for the Doctor's Advocate, and Kingdom Come. So today I saw among other's, Akon's new album "Konvicted" was in stores, online, w/e. So I play it, and skip the first few songs that leaked months ago. And I stumble on track 6. Never Took the Time. Basically, my first true love broke up with me Monday. I was pessimistic about admitting "love" but with her I knew it, and she also expressed she was in love with me. The thing is, she admitted there was really nothing wrong, it just "wasn't going to last." I'm not gonna go into the delves of it all because every situation has its own scenario, I just won't waste your time. Anyway, my point is, this song hit me EXACTLY the way I feel at this exact moment. Every lyric, everything. So my question is, have you ever COINCIDENTALLY stumbled upon a song that was your exact mood (happy, sad, depressed, mad, agrivated, etc) and if so what was the song? I am just in shock at the coincidental nature of it all. The fact I had no intention of hunting down such a song, it just happened.