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Jill Scott - Golden Video

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[url="http://g.msn.com/1ET01/3784??nc=1208&na=1154&ps=0&pi=56656&di=395&cm=sc1&ce=2&su=http%3a%2f%2fentertainment.msn.com%2fmusic%2fnetcal%2fDefault.aspx%3fnetcal%3d727"]watch jill scott golden now![/url]
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When i saw Musiq last nite...the DJ played that song not once by twice. Of all the songs they played, "Golden" got the most crowd reaction. Hearing it played in person and not over the computer made me fall in love with the song. Hearing music over the computer sucks all the soul out of it.
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I remember I heard it on da radio. I was like "Who is that?" The production sounded familiar. And I was thinkin about the voice. Then they said "That was Jill Scott "Golden"". I was like, that'z what I was guessin. I liked it. But the golden part chorus was kinda annoying. But it was a good song.
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