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(Dear God) Listen 2 Me

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Maybe it was me that was the one who wasn’t listening

Mind preoccupied on fancy things and rings glistening

My spiritual beliefs took me this far, driving with no car

Had one ambition in my life and that was to be a real star

Understand my ways and maybe u will understand me

Don’t take me as a fool and maybe u can try and believe me

I worship only one god, which means one finger on a hand

Let them all know I’m the man, and that was the plan

I just ask for an hour of your time so u can listen 2 this rhyme

Had to by debts, too many fines for me to try get mine

I could have hustled on the block, selling weed and things

Or could have been a gangster with selling loads of rings

I need to take time out, just so that I can get my head straight

No girl wanted to date so I thought that was my fate

Listen To Me

Dear God

Can U Listen 2 Me 4 A Second?

I Know I Done Bad Things

That’s Why I Wish 4 Ur Help

Get Me out My Stupid Ways


Now understand the concept that I’m trying to give u

I wish I was more like God, but I can’t easily forgive u

The **** that u did, man that broke my damn heart

U was my homey from the start; with u I couldn’t b apart

Maybe it was since u got locked up that made me cry

But I ask myself why every night if I deserved to die

I smoke weed, and for that I will try and apologize

But when it comes to it, I really couldn’t compromise

My people did it to stay cool, full of anger and fuel

But I never thought of what to do when I left school

I didn’t get a job, had a Saturday one, but that don’t count

Had more money coming in that the bank didn’t account

Almost got in trouble, avoided taxes but paid them back

Stayed on the track as long as I keep beef on the wax

Because when I loose it, god only knows what I’ll do

I wish for one week I could be all mighty n walk In Ur shoes

Listen To Me

Dear God

Every Night, I Feel A Sudden Urge

To Help People Who Are In Need

But When I Ask Them, They Don’t Want It

Why Did U Make Certain People

So Stubborn…Please Answer Me….

Make me believe again, as soon as u took my uncle and Nan

I never knew u had this plan, the one I really didn’t understand

I was so mad at u because u took the people that I love

But now I really know that Ur chilling wit them up above

I never want them to be mad at me, I really did love ya’ll

And where my best friends went I don’t know; give me a call

I know that u will never turn Ur back on Ur little kids

But dear lord, why do u make us go thru all these bids?

Why did u invite cancer, the cause of so many deaths?

And how many times have u seen people take they last breaths?

Why is it a time to celebrate? When it’s time to try and grieve

I wouldn’t ever believe if u said that u wanted us to breath

So many trouble in the world today, this is what I need 2 say

Is the reason I don’t go to church, no longer bow down n pray

I needed u at the time I needed u most, but u wasn’t there

Holding my head in my hands wondering if u really care

But there’s a devil inside all of us, either good or really bad

Time to be really sad because these are the best moment’s we’ve had

Dear God

Can U Listen To Me

Just For One Minute

I’ve Asked The Questions

And Now Wait For Ur Answer

I Love U God…

And Even When Time’s We’re Doubtful

I Still Loved U



Thanks ya'll...yet again replies are very nicely appriehcated!!!

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cool song there Joe :2thumbs:

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Written wit heart, i like it man! :2thumbs:

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really nice Joe...

that was thought provoking..and i wanted to clip and ask a few questions,..but im not ... cuz basically... a piece like this shows where u are in life as far as ur spirituality and connection to God. You have questions, yet display that faith and belief that things happen 4 a reason. I always used to question God why things happen in my life,..but i now realize that its always for the betterment of myself... and wow... God is good...

God shows us things that sometymes we may not wanna know... .but its all good... u know this..

sthx 4 sharing this piece...


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