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Anyone know anything about Wills New Album

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Is it possible he's in final completion of the album before he goes to shooting the film?

Like Is it possible no one is leaking information

Or does someone know for sure no recording has been done for that album

How much in advance did everyone know that Lost and Found was coming out.

Any thoughts people?

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Yeah we first heard that Will was gonna release an album back in 2003, he was considering either releasing it on Dreamworks Records or independently, in the summer of 2004 we learned that he signed to Interscope and that the album was supposed to come out in fall of 2004 with "Switch" coming out as the first single and have guest appearances from Kanye West, Timbaland, and Petey Pablo, along with tracks that he even produced himself, but that was delayed for months with no of those tracks making the album, Will basically did more work on it and then "Switch" was finally released late January '05 and "Lost and Found" came out in March of '05, it could be a long wait with this too but if Will's still on Interscope maybe the wait won't be as long since he knows what label he's gonna release an album on...

Will does have a studio in his house and in his trailer on the road so I don't see why he can't record some stuff now before he goes films but who knows if that'll happen, AJ did say months ago that he was supposed to do a compilation album with Kel Spencer featuring a bunch of hip-hop and r&b artists to clean up the radio but we really didn't get much info from that lately, Will actually said he wasn't recording any new music but hopefully he just throwing us off saying that since it wasn't publicly released that he was doing an album with Kel Spencer, he's probably keepin' on the dl for now, everything's up in the air at this point but with all this info about him doing 5 films we might have to pray for a miracle for anything in the next couple years, I'll be happy with a couple guest appearances in between on other albums or songs on the soundtracks to his movies until the album comes out :stickpoke:

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