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Podcast Independent Artists?

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Hey sorry i'm sure this topic is posted somewhere on the website but i can't find where exactly. I was wondering if anyone listened to the podcast with all those independent artists and where the link is, I like one of the songs on it and ya, just lemme know thanks. :kool2:

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Podcast Tracklist

Kel Spencer Featuring Tatyana Ali - Grindin

Kel Spencer - The Wilderness

Da Ace - Bow Wow Diss

Da Ace - Hip Hop

Koffee Blakk - Summer Nights

Da Brakes - Understand

Da Brakes - Talking to The People

Kenn Starr & Kev Brown - Take Notes

Fuq - Insight Rhyme

Will Smith - Wild Wild West (jNite Remix)

Will Smith - Party Starter (Kontempt Remix)

Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Kontempt Remix)

mojoplus - Summertime

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff Live @ Urban Music Festival

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