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The Will Smith Podcast: Episode 2 is now up!

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After months of planning and work the first Will Smith Podcast in the world is now available to subscribe.. You can check it out at this page


I want to thank everyone who has been there for our podcast attempts.. Special special shout out for Julie and Jonny for persisting with me. Shoutout to Alan for joining us on our first podcast and doing a great job.. Our first episode is done and we can only get better..

Whats a podcast? for those that dont know a podcast is a radio show that you can subscribe to.. Then everytime a new episode is available it is automatically downloaded for you. The best program to use is iTunes but even if you don't have that you can download the mp3 on the podcast page.. Check it out .. we are also running a competition on the podcast so you could win something :wiggle:


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Downloading it right now. I can`t believ whe (Ok you) are on I-tunes!!

You guy`s where nerveus he? :lolsign:

And you didn`t` realy planed waht to say he?

But it`s cool! :2thumbs:

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Sounds great!

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