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I just recieved this rare vinyl 1999 release by Come Correct Entertainment. This 'single' is dedictated to "Bobbito's Footwork Illadelph." I guess he's a breaker or something.

ANYWAYS, this 'single' contains a track called "Hold It Down" by emcee Krush B (who is your average underground emcee...yet light years ahead of the crappy mainstream artists out now) and it's produced by Limitless and Orthodox for A Touch of Jazz. DJ Jazzy Jeff scratchs during every chorus (which is Jeff solo) and at the end. His scratches are kinda like what u hear on Gang Starr trax where it's alot of phrases rather than showing off on the turntable (tho' there's some of that 2). The production on this track is flawless. It's thick and it has this dark vibe 2 it. It reminds u how pathetic most mainstream artists have it when it comes 2 production. The music waz written by Darren "Limitless" Henson. The main version, clean version, and the instrumental w/ just Jeff's scratches are on this single.

The flip side has nothing 2 do with Jazzy Jeff or A Touch of Jazz but it dose have a song by Baby Blak on it. His flow is different from his current stuff...he's newer flow is much better. The song is good 2 but he sounds best when he's working with A Touch of Jazz.

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kool.. "orthodox" is ivan barias who worked on the musiq albums..

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