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WillisIll/Schnazz vs djsilvertiger/cataboy

Who won the battle?  

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  1. 1. Who won the battle?

    • WillisIll/Schnazz
    • djsilvertiger/cataboy

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Here comes a battle from me and Schnazz

The best duo ever since Prince and Jazz

We're gonna dominate the tourny like we did last time

So dont think you can win, wit a weak rhyme

And we havent even hit our prime

I've seen your raps and you cant beat me

And Schnazz'll knock you out like he was Ali

I know we won cause were the best there is

You dont know the basics now heres a pop quiz

What do you do when you cant rap at all?

"I try really hard so i dont make a fall?"

No, you give up, you dont wanna be in this brawl

Look at Schazz, hes the rap champ

Readin our words make your pants get damp

So leave right now, and take the next bus

So now you know not to f*ck with us

Edited by WILL IS ILL
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Hey there partner, I see you'd like to join us

Only took you a day before you braved up to all the fuss

I'm comin' here honest giving you true-to-life advice

Next time you try to cut someone, don't use a rubber knife

I see you're from Jersey but your grammar's worse than the foreign kids

Reppin' up Schnazz, cause well, we know what you is

This is a dual team battle, I'm steady on the saddle

Next time come prepared, go to the corner with your rattle

I'm straight up rough without the cussin' and stuff

You can keep that jive, I've had my fill of fluff

Schnazz, I ain't forget you, I know that you eager

Don't scurry back, you got a great mom in Miss Cleaver

When your name's Will Is Ill it's incredibly easy

To understand why you so quickly changed your idol to me

Take a second for some math, count it, there's four

But 16 more lines of that and you'll hear the judges snore

God Blessa!

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Ill, that was hot, you don't need me up on your side

The words you jot, that's not flow, you spit a whole tide

The illest is Will, and I bring up the schnazzy game

Ya'll know the drill, this time it's a Tiger we tame

And that lil' bloke, who is that cat, the buckeye-boy?

Ya'll are a joke, in this game you two are a toy

Tiger, I'm amused, you define 'hypocritical'

your grammar's confused, 'you is' is just as pitiful

And a mamma joke? Boy you really need to learn how,

"Yo momma's flat broke, Johns know that she has the clap now."

I'm a university, droppen knowledge verse by verse

Spitting diversity, flowing with our with out any curse

Quiz, question two, what happens when you take the best

Up against you, Scy, Jonny, and all of the rest?

Ya'll know the reply, when we flow you shout it out

you can't deny, Schnazz and Ill are winnen each bout

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alright on the real im a spit some game

me and tiger movin up while u stayin the same

hmm buckeye boy? wow that was a nice one

watch how that diss is so easily outdone

schnazz i looked u up u got seventy posts

where you at on the board you actin like a ghost man

whats the wheather forecast?

100 percent that me and tiger gon pass,

im spittin heat like a mothaf*ckin dragon

and i got more flows than any f*cker could imagine

"cata n tiger" just sound so official

"schnazz and will is ill" is artificial

stop tryin to put me down to raise ur confidence

its too easy to tell that thats ur best defense

so drop ur microphone and step off the stage

me and tiger gon work with will like nicholas cage! uh

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