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“More Feeling”(Wit My Songs)

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What's up y'all it's been a while since I posted songs here, check it out y'all.

“More Feeling”(Wit My Songs)


You listen to my songs

Over and over

And you feel that the emotion of life's strong

When this world gets colder and colder

And everyone that was a friend of mine's gone

My rhymes get stronger and stronger

'Cause this is the feeling to this vibe when I'm alone

My life is not over

When I go bring more feelin' with my songs

Verse One:

I feel somethin' is missin'

When I can't deal without writing lyrics with my pen

It's a medicine that knocks out my stress

To a lyricist writing a song is like sex

When it has no boundaries

Rippin' the flow is sound to me

There's no regrets to show when emotion come out to reach

I don't have no babies, so my songs are my new found seeds

I haven't met a woman strong enough

So I've been feelin' that I must put more energy

Into somethin' more positive for me

'Cause when I run into people that hate

And I listen to wack songs on the radio that track the same foolish ways

I don't know how to make it through the day

Until I ignore the hurt and dig deep into my brain

To write more lyrics to decrease my pain

'Cause I know like Dilated Peoples and Kanye “I Can't Live My Life This Way”

I have to be the one to make a change

I need to make songs that'll last longer than me

Like 2Pac I'll be the cat that'll impact stronger even when I'm deceased

The world needs a change and I feel that it'll happen wit me

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Two:

We all feel hurt enough

Sometimes to deal at work is tough

You can't always appeal against a jerk who fronts

When the boss is watchin'

'Cause violence isn't the option

To put food on the table

It's hard to keep your cool and remain stable

Your blood pressure rises

Starvin' children dying

You got a job, you don't wanna get fired

Jobs these days are like gold

They're sacred so you have to stive to hold your own role

So you can't let the devil buy out your whole soul

The anger levels get out of control

People are startin' to rob banks at a higher pace

'Cause the pressure to pay the rent has taken his toll

You need music to calm the soul

Not put more anger on it

That's the wrong dagger to go rip

Sometimes we lose control of our sense

That's when we get out of hand

I have the need to write out a jam

'Cause I have to let mankind understand

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Three:

We don't always look back of our past

Over the matter of a year

'Cause the stats that weren't out on the pad

Don't always come up that clear

Since we don't remember what it took to last

We wonder why we end up outmatched from fear

Since we don't remember what it took to last

We wonder why we end up outmatched from fear

Since the unknown overcomes

Your role's a crumb

If you don't role for some fun

Your friends put a toll that weighs a ton

And you don't remember a way that the drama begun

I can sit back and tell some stories

But I don't have to overwhelm the shorties

That just wanna take a check

Just 'cause they're horny, that doesn't mean I'm ready to appeal for interest

Like a credit card

That you find that's been overcharged

Why can I use the craft of a true artist to get large?

Is what critics of hardcore lyricism bust out from the start

You'd think that it's easy, but it's not 'cause sometimes the fact can eat me up inside

'Cause of the effort in my lovin' try

To make a change for the world is such a tide

Of a wave to carry

I don't pay any attention towards that hate they spared for me

The words don't get me upset

'Cause that's the work of a pity of the friend

That tries to use, but can't happen to fuse

Nothin' constuctive

So when they're done, they're dissed

Since they disrespected they can't get perspective

To compute in this lyrical invention

When...[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Four:

It's been a while since I took a record this long

But representin' the love for the style has put the desire to store hits strong

Out on opponents that're washed up to find the strength of a song

People wanna hear somethin' just go on

M.C's need to make the kind of songs

That you'll find strong, many years ahead from the time it first got on

The radio, the average time of airplay doesn't play the role

To last that long, most think that the songs

They made will always penetrate to fulfill pay

But after a few weeks or months

The wack crews'll speak the front

But they don't reach your heart

When you need to hear a spark

Music is really a clear art

And it's also a friend

When you're in a hole of a dead end

Spittin' your flows have to hit

Since you're in control of the rap you rip

You can either sound low to just rap foolish garbage

Or you can make the decision to master something

That the true fans are just missing

They turned away from the stunt b****s

They don't concern to create some competition

Being softees they think everyone wants to sleep with them

Acting all careless like a disease that flares the innocent

They didn't need to have a spare for it

If you don't really care, you're unwanted

The true fans will come to me if they want entertainment

Since I'm also known to them as a lovin' friend

[Repeat Chorus 'Til End]

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THis was and is great if I'd read it every time. I like this one. Totally feel ya on it.

"M.C's need to make the kind of songs

That you'll find strong, many years ahead from the time it first got on". - that one is so I true. I liked it a lot.

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Thanks FUQ, yeah this song's one my favorite songs that I ever wrote, I basically wanna remain a true mc more than anything, it ain't about fame or money, I consider help makin' positive changes more relevant rather than focusing on the materialistic and negative thoughts that some rappers enforce in their songs just to get hits and platinum plaques. If anyone else has comments on this song feel free to post it here.

Edited by bigted

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