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what's everyone's fav non JJFP music vids all time?

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with the news of wiz khalifa and charlie puth vid "when i see you again" being the top ranked youtube vid of all time i could think of a ton of vids including obviously JJFP "Summertime" and Will's "Just The Two Of Us" but to leave JJFP out of the equation to be more objective, what's everyone's fav vids of all time? i'm gonna start off with a few to get the topic going..

r kelly i wish, the perfect trib song for homies n fam that've been lost over the years, much more passionate than wiz:


michael jackson thriller, the signature vid for the king of pop, nuff said:

ll cool j feat boyz ii men hey lover, one of the most intimate hip hop/r&b songs but 2 of my fav artists ever, brings me memories of my crushes of the 90s, kinda sad that least known eminem songs have more views though:


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here's a few more, come on y'all don't be afraid to post some:

Charlie Wilson 'There Goes My Baby', charlie shows love to snoop dogg and his wife in this vid:


New Edition "This One's For Me & You", shows you that 35 years later we're all still wanting more from NE, timeless classic:


DJ Premier feat. Rakim, Nas, and KRS One 'Classic', now this is a hip hop heads' wet dream, if Will was on it I'd die and go to heaven!


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