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Parliament - Funkadelic live - you cant miss out

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There was a time when I only listened to JJFP and I'm still into old school hip hop but something people likely have missed out on BUT REALLY SHOULDNT is Parliament - Funkadelic in general and more specifically their live stuff. Its been eating my brainz out for the last couple of years in the best kind of way so I feel I need to share it with people who can dig a nice vibe.

Let me give you three excellent examples of what I'm talking about.

First of something straight forward-

The more chillaxing kind:

My personal favorite:

Edit: Dont know how to insert the links as video's, which would have been so smooth and nice..

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I down with my '70s funk thanks to digging through my Dad's record collection. 

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a lot of old school hip hop samples parliament funkadelic

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