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I'm sure there's some other Motown fans on this board.  I love me some Tammi Terrell.  Her work with Marvin Gaye is some of my favorite music of all time.  I love that her story is being told.  With her sister involved, it doesn't seem likely that it'll turn into one of those weak bio pics that are becoming so common.

Pass The Popcorn: A Biopic Treatment Based On The Life Of Late Soul Legend Tammi Terrell Is In Development

Pass The Popcorn: A Biopic Treatment Of Late Soul Legend Tammi Terrell Is Underway

It appears that the late legend of soul music Tammi Terrell will finally have her story told on the big screen. After years of teasing and tempting, a biopic treatment of the singer’s life and legacy has apparently been granted the support from her estate and will begin production next year. The yet to be named film will be based on the book My Sister Tammie written by (you guessed it) Terrell’s sister Ludie Montgomery, who is also behind the production. Though I’m sure many of you were hoping Taraji P. Henson may finally be landing the role she was destined to play as an actress with perhaps the most uncanny physical resemblance to Terrell, a leading lady has yet to be named. For those to young to remember, Terrell was a darling of r&b, born in Philadelphia and signed by Motown in the mid-60s where she enjoyed a string of hits alongside the marvelous Marvin Gaye, many of which are considered standards today and are as cherished as anything in the American music canon. Tammi Terrell died tragically of a brain tumor at just 24 years of age, cutting short a career that in just a few years put her in league with some of the best to ever do it. We”ll certainly be keeping our eyes on the matter, so be sure to check back for updates.


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