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The Black Eyed Peas have taken it back to their roots!!  This is an answered prayer for me personally, as I felt they were one of the greatest things to happen to Hip-Hop (especially the first two albums) until they went totally pop on the last two records.  Fergie isn't in the video or on the song, but their Facebook page still has her listed as a member and she's in their profile picture.  I love Fergie, but I'd be okay if she only shows up as a contributing guest.

After the last two albums and Will.I.Am's last project, I think most people, other than Top 40 fans thought their music was ruined forever. However, the futuristic, goofy clothes are gone and so are the questionable dance beats.  They are back with some straight Hip-Hop and a creative artsy music video like the ones they had in the first few years of their career.  The beat flips throughout the song, nodding heavily to the Hip-Hop classics, not to mention their playing with classic album covers.

Regardless of your thoughts on BEP, check this video out.  It's dope, and hopefully a good representation of the direction of the their music from now on.




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